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Marta Robles responds to Magatest: ”I have felt prejudices and they are the germ of all injustices”

Marta Robles (1963, Madrid) is a recognized writer and journalist, who has a long professional career working for different media, especially radio and television. This has earned him several awards such as Gold TP in 1995 or the Antena de Oro in 2000, among other distinctions.

He began publishing books in 1991 and his works include The chosen ones of fortune (1999), Diary of a pregnant forty-something (2008), Luisa and the mirrors (2012), for which she was awarded the Fernando Lara Novel Prize, carnal passions (2021) or, more recently, What spring does to cherry trees (2022).

Robles responds to our Magatestin which the questions refer to titles of books written by authors such as Virginia Woolf, Carmen Laforet, Alice Munro, Elena Ferrante, Almudena Grande, Ana María Matute…

Your first memory…

Lolita – the girl who took care of me as a child and whom I adored – ironed, while I, sitting in a tiny chair, listened to the radio next to her, believing that a legion of tiny human beings was hiding inside the device. She was not yet three years old.

A room with views…

To the sea, from where all my memories emerge and where all my forgetfulness drowns.

Pride and prejudice(s)…?

My main pride is being able to have no prejudices. Prejudices – which I have felt on my own skin – are the germ of all injustices.

The great friend is…

The one from whom you don’t ask for what they can’t give you.

What was it that went with the wind?

Some episodes of anger and impatience of youth. The years have made me much more flexible and calm.

Is there anything left from the age of innocence?

The trust. I still believe that all people are good until proven otherwise. And not all of them are.

What leaves your heart frozen?

See how we stop feeling the pain of others. When we are not able to feel the pain of others, we become monsters. She said it Shakespeare.

The best of all possible worlds…

One in which the rights of all people are guaranteed.

Who would you murder in the Orient Express? Or, rather, who would you give a trip of no return?

To Putin. Although I have to say that I wouldn’t mind if Trump accompanied him.

What does the ridiculous idea of ​​never seeing you again mean?

The realization that the axis of all things is love. If we fear death it is because it separates us from our loved ones. (And the best book by Rosa Montero, because great works of art are born from the pain of loss).

The greatest love…

The one that is professed to the children. Irrational. Unconditional. No correspondence or return demands.

Why would you ask for collective amnesia?

Not at all. Societies must know their history and all the mistakes made in order to be able to reflect on them and try not to repeat them again.

A secret with voices?

That most of the women who practice prostitution in our country do so under pressure, they are victims of trafficking. The slaves of the 21st century.

An unspeakable secret?

Unspeakable secrets cannot, nor should they, be confessed.

What is ‘nothing’ for you?

Just the title of the book by Carmen Laforet. I am unable to leave my mind blank, for my mind to remain empty, with nothing in it. I do not conceive of nothingness.

When the revolution ends…

Men and women will walk together, with the same rights and obligations, without confronting each other or pretending to be better than one another.

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