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Marta Rota, founder of Tot-Hom: 40,000 dresses, from Preysler to Koplowitz (passing through Pedroche)

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Martha Rota (Barcelona, ​​1953) was fortunate to connect very early with his vocation. “I came home from school and my mother, Margarita Jovani, already had her sewing workshop on the first floor and the store below on Balmes Street. She was studying my second year of high school and I remember she told her ‘Mom, this store is for me.’ At 14 years old, I started working there because my mother didn’t know what to do with me: I had it very clear, that mine was this and the rest didn’t matter to me at all: in my head there were only the suits, the most elegant women, dedicating myself to fashion… The rest gave me equal”.

She couldn’t know the first dress she made, but she does remember in detail the presentation of her first collection at the end of the sixties and its description has the sounds of a period story. “There was a journalist from Barcelona, ​​Toni Guerrero, who also ran a music room near our store and the idea arose to make the presentation there. As I have always been very gullible, but very forward, we did it just when I turned 15. I made a huge collection, I remember a black velvet suit with some satin bows, which was the boom…and since there were no mannequins because we had no budget, the dresses were worn by my sister’s friends, the cutest ones… There was one who was very pretty, but very shy and she had a glass of champagne to go out and oversize -and the most sporty, in all of Catalonia-.

Anything left to do?

Very much so, I’m still on the first flight, what I don’t know is if I’ll have time for everything. I would love the costumes for a play, for example… There are so many things to do!

But he has dressed opera divas

Yes, all my dreams have come true. I never thought of making a Caballé y vino suit. The last one I brought from her from when she died, I keep it like gold. I made costumes for Ainhoa ​​Arteta or for Ana Belén for her last tour or for the Goya, with her I also learned a lot.

A tribute to a client who will no longer be able to make an order…

María del Mar Álvarez Zurriarain. This lady was a Pisces like me and between the two of us we did crazy things. She would order me batas de cola to be at home and she would wear them to publish paellas in newspapers. The entire society of Barcelona went to her parties, she already sadly passed away, but her house, which was on the fourth floor, always hid some very important party. One day I remember that her apartment was completely converted into rooms: one was a tablao, another a tropical space with the steps covered in flowers… it was always a spectacular set. She was a woman with an incredible personality, and I learned a lot from her, she is one of the women who has made me enjoy the most by daring to try. The most creative thing is always the result of fun and taking the world by storm…

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