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Materials used in Smile Design

Aesthetically improving the smile can be performed by a procedure called Smile Design, the main materials used are Resin and Porcelain.

He Smile design Its main function is to restore the aesthetic harmony of the teeth in terms of their shape, color, size and functiontaking into account facial, gingival, dental and occlusal characteristics.

Thanks to this evaluation and treatment, the smile considerably improves, and it can be carried out according to the clinical diagnosis and the needs and tastes of each person.

The materials used for Smile Design are Resin and Porcelainand the material is defined taking into account the clinical evaluation, where it is observed: presence of Bruxism, Fractures or Wear of the edge of the teeth, color change in teeth, level of the gum margin, when the teeth are shown when smiling and others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the materials used for Smile Design


  • Resin Design: It is carried out by technique directly or indirectly to the tooth, with this technique and material the teeth do not have to be carved, the costs of the procedure are lower, the time of the procedure is less, the repairs are directly to the tooth and it is performed in the office in a direct reconstruction on the tooth with prior evaluation
  • Porcelain Design: It is performed using an indirect technique (they are made in the laboratory and subsequently cemented to the tooth). Its main advantage is that it lasts longer, it does not undergo a change in color over time, it does not change texture, there is no porosity and there is less risk of fracture following all indications


  • Resin: Unfortunately, with the passage of time there is a change in color if the recommended maintenance or care is not carried out, in addition, they are at greater risk of suffering a fracture due to poor care, Bruxism and others.
  • Porcelain: The buccal (front) side of the tooth has to be slightly carved, the procedure time is longer because an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory to later be cemented in the office and its cost is higher compared to Resin.

He Smile design It is widely recommended for patients who wish to aesthetically improve their smile, in addition, patients who suffer from Dental Diseases such as Bruxism or Incisal Edge Wear, Dental fractures, dental pigmentation due to medication or bad habits, among others.

It is estimated that the completion time for the Smile Design depends on the material chosen, for the Resin is 1 to 3 days and in the Porcelain is 8 to 10 days approximately, however, this is according to the clinical evaluation and diagnosis previously carried out by the specialist.