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Maxillofacial Surgery: what is it and how is it performed?

Many of our patients resort to this surgery to correct an abnormality. They look for results and functional changes

The Maxillofacial Surgery It is a specialty of odontology which is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital or acquired diseases of the oral cavity, neck and head

A specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery performs Wisdom Extractions, Dental Extractions, or Aesthetic or Oncological Surgeries.. Some of the resources they use are:

Many times, When patients present with other skeletal problems, Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery work together to achieve aesthetic and functional results.


To make a Surgery Maxillofacial, first it is studied and planned, this means that An accurate diagnosis must be made and the entire process to which the patient will undergo must be planned.For this, the Maxillofacial Surgeon and the Orthodontist will work together to achieve aesthetic and functional results. The patient will undergo facial analysis, models, as well as x-rays, three-dimensional studies and soft tissue studies.

Subsequently Orthodontics should be performed to correct the poor position of the teeth. This procedure is completely necessary. Then Maxillofacial Surgery is performed, where teeth are aligned. As General Anesthesia is used, the patient requires hospitalization for a few days.

After surgery, you may notice inflammation in the area. It is recommended to apply ice, sleep with your head elevated, and perform physical activity to speed healing. It is important to perform maintenance to preserve the position of the teeth that was performed in Maxillofacial Surgery. Orthognathic type (a surgery that focuses on achieving correct function of the jaw and maxilla).

After Maxillofacial Surgery, The patient can expect excellent stability of their bite and a facial change that will surely restore their confidence and

Lately, this type of surgery is used in Caneoplasties (a surgical procedure that treats defects in the skull) and skull remodeling.