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Megan Montaner, the makeup artist who became an actress: “I was good at playing with emotions”

Megan Montaner She is a versatile and elegant actress who dares to explore different media and terrain. She came to the world of acting on a hunch and her career shows that you have to obey your instinct.

A career that has earned her the ‘Best Actress’ award for the series Without identity at the FesTVal in Vitoria and winner of the Zapping Award for ‘Best Leading Actress’ in a television series in 2015 for her performance in said series.

Montaner has become usual face on our screensboth in film, on television or on digital platforms, with roles as memorable as that of the midwife Pepa Aguirre, in The Secret of Puente Viejo, or the veterinarian Elena, in 30 Coins.

His last project to see the light has been The hunt (Netflix), a police series in which she plays Civil Guard sergeant Sara Campos.

In the coming weeks it will premiere on Atresplayer Between Earthyesan original fiction from Antena 3 that will take us to Spain in the 70s.

Precisely this series she finished recording on December 23, 2022, eight and a half months pregnant with her second child.

During the presentation of the new Jeep Avenger, for which she is the new ambassador, she commented that it was a very nice experience and thanked the production company for its support and that she would like to take the risk of having it.

As an anecdote, she said that during filming she had to go up a hill to record and with her pregnancy she couldn’t go up alone, so two members of the team helped her up by holding her.

Its beginnings

The Spanish actress was born in Huesca in 1987 and studied Make-up. She started working at a local television station and realized that her place was in front of the camera and not behind it.

Montaner said during the previously mentioned event that she was always very clownish, but it was not something that could be imaged, “I saw it as something very distant.” She didn’t have anyone around her who was dedicated to acting.

A friend told him why not do some research and take a course. “I was good at playing with emotions, so I did a seminar in Cristina Rota“. With the savings he had, he moved to Madrid in 2008 and began appearing in series such as Discount time and Ev’s fish tankto (Telecinco).

In 2010, Antena 3 signed her to act in Stormwhich premiered in 2013. Shortly after, he signed for TVE to participate in Loving in troubled times.

Now, if there is a key moment in which his popularity skyrocketed, it was when working on the famous period period series on Antena 3, The secret of Puente Viejo.

Today, the actress points out that it is difficult for her to see herself doing anything other than acting.

Brave like the new Jeep

In addition, Megan Montaner is the new ambassador of the Jeep Avenger, the car that surprises with its compact and dynamic design and for accepting the challenges of new mobility, such as electrification and the search for the highest level of efficiency.

“It is a super easy car due to its size, it has a nice design, it is spacious although it is the smallest of the brand and I have two children and I manage to put a lot of things“said the actress during the presentation.

Designed and manufactured in the old continent, the new Jeep Avenger is designed for a active clientele looking for a fresh and attractive vehiclewith perfect dimensions for the city, equipped with advanced technologies, with a spacious and well-used interior space that, in addition, is a robust and reliable adventure companion.

The experience (of driving an electrified car) is great and you also contribute to caring for the environment“added Montaner. In addition, she confessed that she would like to escape with the Jeep to a place with few people, surrounded by nature and with her family.

The love affair between the vehicle and the big city This can be seen in its driving assistance functions. It has traffic jam assistant, blind spot detection, 360º parking sensors and a rear view camera that represents the vehicle’s surroundings from a drone view.

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