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Menstrual bikinis: the fashion trend to enjoy the summer with your period and that is sweeping the networks

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Compared to the classic pads and used for years to face the days of periods, alternatives are appearing for the older woman. economical and sustainable. Inspired by menstrual panties and with summer just around the corner, a new trend to enjoy the beach, the pool and the summer during your period: menstrual swimsuits and bikinis.

These summer garments are designed for absorb menstrual bloodwithout letting water penetrate the fabric and are usually Made with innovative recycled fabric that is chlorine resistant. The use of absorbent and waterproof materials allows flow and blood to accumulate, preventing it from spilling or staining.

Furthermore, these Swimsuits also prevent the proliferation of bacteria, and allow you to swim and move freely. Thus, the false myth that bathing during your period is unhygienic or harmful to health or the discomfort that the use of a tampon often generates will no longer be an excuse to enjoy the holidays.

Menstrual bikinis from Loop.


Materials and fabrics

These types of swimsuits contain a lining of absorbent organic cottonplaced in such a way that it can collect the entire flow. Some designs combine up to three layers of protection: the outer layer is made of a waterproof material that prevents menstrual blood loss, the middle one is designed to block and absorb blood (up to 10 ml of liquid menstrual), and the upper one is made of a material that draws moisture away from the skin. These materials prevent the appearance of odors and are designed to dry quickly out of water.

Other models rely on an absorbent reinforcement of organic cotton inserted at the right angle to absorb menstrual blood before it leaks out, with a layer of mesh (technology dry-tech) so that the skin stays clean and dry, which It can absorb up to 15 ml of blood. They can also be combined with menstrual cup or tampon for greater security.

successful firms

Some signatures specialized in menstrual lingerie They have released their summer line, like ModiBodi or Ruby Love. The Plim brand also stands out, which bases its production on zero toxicities and zero waste for greater care of the environment. In Spain we have cases like Loop, a brand that has also launched its own collection of bikinis and swimsuits adapted to menstruation days.

Far from being large or too classic designs, brands are betting on a wide variety of shapes and prints: striped, polka dot, with geometric figures… To take care of these bikinis and swimsuits you just have to wash them with cold water after use, and hang them until completely dry. They recommend avoiding fabric softeners so that they do not alter the absorption capacity of the material, but even some of them can get into the the washing machine and dry at low temperature.

Menstrual bikini from Ruby Love.


Effective alternative

Many women stop bathing at the beach or pool during the days their period lasts, others cannot get used to it. tampon use and many have modified their holiday dates so that these do not coincide with the cycle days.

Therefore, these menstrual swimsuits and bikinis with absorption technology are a perfect alternative for the coming months, thanks and they promise to become the great ally of those women who They still do not control the arrival of the period or for those who have an irregular period and want to avoid surprises. Additionally, these designs are wonderful for female water sports competitors, such as water polo or swimmingand It helps them focus on the activity without having to worry about leaks while training or competing.

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