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‘Mewing’: this is the exercise that promises to eliminate double chins effectively

Social networks have the ability to turn some simple exercises or tips into real phenomena. Retinol sandwich, dark bimbo, crying makeup… The list of viral trends is constantly getting longer and longer, if they promise results without undergoing any invasive treatment.

Hence the success and resurgence in recent months of the technique of mewing. It’s not recent: Imagined by orthodontist Dr. John Mew and his son, Dr. Mike New, the technique, which literally means “meow,” emerged in 2018. Four years later, it has gone viral and is accumulating more of 300 million views on social networks.

What does it consist of?


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It involves closing the mouth and placing the teeth of the upper and lower jaw one on top of the other, sticking the tongue to the roof of the mouth. It can be done with a food that is difficult to chew or even chewing gum. You would only have to press on the palate area to activate the tongue exercise.

In this way, it would be possible to lift the chin and redefine the entire face. It would also be a way to reduce the double chin and lift the overall appearance of the face. Finally, it would help improve breathing through the nose.

This technique echoes another viral phenomenon in the world of beauty: jawline, which consists of achieving the most defined jaw line possible. Several makeup experts revealed techniques to achieve it, with just the help of an illuminator.


The technique of mewing does not have sufficient scientific support Therefore, results cannot be guaranteed.. Opinions on social networks are varied, although some users defend its effectiveness, others are more restrained regarding its success.

It is a priori risk-free, although it is not advisable to do it excessively, especially in the case of people who suffer from certain oral problems such as bruxism. If in doubt, always remember to go to an expert. Only an orthodontist and/or orthophonist will be able to guide you.

Facial yoga, as support

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Given this search for facial definition, another new trend has emerged to achieve perfect skin: he yoga facial. “It is a technique that consists of toning facial muscles to improve and prevent sagging, drain the skin and eliminate toxins, as well as contribute to brighter skin.

One of those techniques yoga facial is he face Cupping, a trend that consists of working the muscles of the face to lift them and thus combat sagging,” explain the experts at You Are The Princess.

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