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Mini Smile Design: how to get an aesthetic and harmonious smile

It is a minimally invasive procedure to perfect and level the teeth, only working on the edges of the upper front, canine, lateral and central teeth.

In general, the objective of a Smile design is that step by step a more aesthetic and harmonious smile is created, which reflects all your joy, which makes you feel good about yourself and with greater confidence when speaking.

Your teeth, the shape, color, size and even your gums, have an influence on the design of your smile. You choose how you want to look.

Beyond an aesthetic smile

There are several useful and functional alternatives that will allow you to feel more comfortable when showing your smile. It is important to mention that Smile Design also helps in the functional aspect and oral health since it corrects bite problems, tooth wear and even phonetic or pronunciation problems.

It is the appropriate treatment for those people who want to give an aesthetic and natural appearance to their smile. There are several options for each case, from a Teeth whitening, edge reconstruction, even veneers.

He Mini Smile Design It is ideal after finishing a treatment Orthodontics. It is a procedure minimally invasive To perfect and level the teeth, only the edges of the upper front teeth, canines, lateral and central teeth are worked on.

Steps carried out in the procedure

The Mini Smile Design consists of:

  • 2 or 3 lightening sessions (includes reinforcement covers at home)
  • Edge Polishing of the teeth so that they look more aesthetically even (it is essential to use a night guard)
  • Direct resin (not necessary in all cases)

The treatments that I recommend to my patients are based on a personalized attentionaccording to their needs to restore their oral health, recovering their smile and esteem.

The value of renewing a smile is not classified in Dental Aesthetics alone, it has other factors as priority such as health, psychological and social aspects that today are a priority for balance in the life of human beings.