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Miriam González returns to Europe with Nick Clegg and takes stock: “Brexit has been a disaster”

When Miriam González picks up the phone, distances are reduced. The first distance that is shortened is the time, because it is nine hours earlier, in California (USA) and the cups of coffee with which we start the day here can be heard in the background.

The second distance that is shortened is geographical: in his story, he practically flies over the planet, in a international biography that goes from Spain to Londongoing by Brussels, the Middle East and the United States.

However, the third and most impactful distance that is reduced is the distance or gap of the female leadershipbecause this woman, an expert in right internationalspeaks with such confidence about the abilities she has and that she has known in other women that, when she states “in order to be seen as an equal, you have to see yourself as an equal” it is inevitable not to want to know more about her acquaintance. initiative in 30 countries, Inspiring Girls.

. He also collaborates with the media. With respect to Brexit, she is categorical “it has been a disaster”, there are going to be 10 lost years of the international and commercial projection of the United Kingdom. “They have been managing the problems of that vote all these years.”

In parallel, he set up an initiative, Inspiring Girls (previously Inspiring Women). “Something that is difficult to explain is that in these countries, politicians’ wives are expected to play a more intense role than in Spain, and they have incredible media pressure. At one time I had up to paparazzi on my doorstep for weeks, to find out what I was wearing. That made me angry, the label of a professional woman bothered me. It is difficult to find a woman who is not a reference. As a result of having to talk about these issues at all hours, there came a time when I said ‘I’m going to launch an initiative’ and I thought ‘all this pressure, we’re going to take advantage of it for something’.”

USA and female leadership

Since 2018, Miriam González decided to change her headquarters (her husband is now a director of Meta, Facebook) and deploy a network of professional legal advice offices.

In parallel, he is dedicated to boost Inspiring Girls, an organization to connect girls with women to help them see other models outside of gender stereotypes, and that involves “thousands of women, 29 countries, before talking to you I was talking to two countries, in the Gulf and Africa, as well that soon there will be 32 or 33 countries in which we will have activities. There is always a social sector that all it does is talk, I believe that things must be done. Instead of being in a square kilometer, look for your square centimeter and do something there,” she says.

One of the axes of Inspiring Girls is the acquisition and development of so-called soft skillswhich are key, as its founder adds, when it comes to achieving objectives: thus, they organize workshops on emotional management, assertiveness and risk taking. They also focus on showing exemplary roles that can serve as inspiration to the new leaders of the future.

“Women were not educated to internalize risk, and that is something that we can work on,” she explains. A very direct way is by “revealing important feminine roles”: a woman who loves her inspired during his diplomatic time was “Anna Lindhthe Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, who had small children, was a young and courageous woman, until that moment I had not seen ministers like that.”

Another inspiring woman for her would be “Melinda Gates, with that authenticity of speaking “about things that are not talked about, but that apply to us in all spheres of the world.”

And he mentions that “so that they see you as equal, you have to see yourself as equal and you have to see if you make decisions based on equality or not,” he remarks, underlining the importance of individual awareness in the collective process of reducing distances as a society.

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