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More than 70 Spanish artists join the initiative to cut their hair in support of Iranian women

The cry for freedom that Iranian women are chanting, from the violent death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Moral Police for not wearing the veil correctly, does not stop echoing in every corner. Thousands of women around the world are cutting their hair as a show of support for them, who demand equal rights and the freedom to choose whether or not to wear the Islamic veil.

In a short time this indignation moved to the streets, where many publicly removed their veils and cut their hair, in the face of the violent response of the police. The protests have so far left almost a hundred dead and arrested, but the cry of the Iranian women has been heard throughout the world. The only thing left is for no one to forget Amini or all those anonymous women when this movement stops being a trend, and continue to support them until they get what they demand: to live free.

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