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Mothers and daughters united by a tattoo: from Olga Carmona to Charlize Theron

Although they are often done for aesthetics, many of the tattoos we get have a meaning. Something that we do not want to forget, that brings back many memories or that is so important to us that we want to always wear it on our skin.

Olga Carmona was already going to be the main protagonist of these days. For being the heroine of La Roja, by scoring the goal that made Spain champion of the Women’s World Cup for the first time in history, but now she is also champion because of the death of her father on the same day.

Carmona already had his star before starting the game. And it is that he family love moves bordersthe Sevillian’s mother and brother arrived in Australia knowing the terrible news and even so, they were at the ready on the day of the final supporting what has been a fundamental pillar.

A tattoo together reaffirms this unconditional love that mother and daughter feel and that has become Olga’s soccer ritual, since every time she scores a goal she gives him a kiss. A symbol that she does not forget and that can be considered her amulet.

This love is the one we want to remember forever: a symbol, a phrase or an illustration that reminds us of who we are and where we come from. Because tattoos with meaning imply that, always keeping in mind what is important to us.

There are many women who also decided to give space in their skin to the most important people in their lives.

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    Olga Carmona

    If you ask Olga, her fundamental pillars are them, her family. She demonstrates this with her ritual every time she scores a goal: kissing the wrist on which she has the same tattoo as her mother. A tattoo that symbolizes a mother and daughter hugging and that together forms the symbol of infinity. Every goal he scores on the scoreboard is dedicated to her.

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    Barbara de Regil

    The Mexican film and television actress has a very beautiful friendship with her daughter Mar Regil, so they decided to demonstrate that love and the enormous trust they share by getting the same tattoo, a phrase in the form of a bracelet that says: “We are for always”. There is no better way to express what the love of a mother and daughter is.

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    Brooke Shields

    The American film, television, theater actress, model and writer did not hesitate to offer a space of her skin to her daughter, Rowan Francis Henchy, in celebration of the day she graduated from school. Her tattoo consists of a pair of red ladybugs. “I am very proud of you, I love you more than words can say,” the actress wrote on her social networks.

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    Paz Padilla

    The actress, presenter and businesswoman has always shown on her networks the complicity and union she shares with her daughter, Anna Padilla. For this reason, they decided – Anna more than Paz, since according to what she says on social media she was the one who convinced her – to get a tattoo together: a small lightning bolt on her ankle.

    It is not the first tattoo that the presenter has gotten with her daughter, since they also got another one with Iván Martín, Anna’s partner at the time. As a sign of the great relationship the three had, they tattooed a smiling face on their wrist.

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    Charlize Theron

    A tattoo of a Koi fish is the tattoo that the actress and model has with her mother. A fish that symbolically in China, its country of origin, brings prosperity and good luck. However, depending on the color, it can have one meaning or another, just as a red fish tattoo would symbolize love as a force majeure.

    A symbol of union between the two women who went through a story of overcoming many years ago, since the actress’s mother killed her father in self-defense. Apparently, the man entered the house with a gun and shot several times in the room where they were.