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Myths and realities of ‘squirting’: what it is and its differences with female ejaculation

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Due to past prejudices and machismo, there are still many doubts regarding everything related to female sexuality. One of the questions that experts still debate is about the female ejaculation and he squirting. Is the same? Can it cause squirt? Do all women experience it?

When talking about these two concepts, you first have to know what they are. On the one hand, the word squirt comes from English and means squirt or squirt (to squirt). This term has become popular in recent years, largely thanks to porn which, as on other occasions, magnifies reality.

As with male ejaculation, pornography shows the squirting in a completely unreal way, with women releasing large amounts of liquid. The reality is not that, and even There is debate among professionals about this phenomenon.

Some believe that, indeed, female ejaculation exists and squirting, and they are different things. Others, for example, consider that one cannot speak of ‘female ejaculation’, since it means trying to equate the physical reactions of women with that of men. Even among women themselves, the experiences of having an orgasm vary.

Starting from these doubts, we can go on to explain what each thing is.

female ejaculation

Female ejaculation or vaginal ejaculation consists of production of a whitish fluid during orgasm. This secretion is sometimes confused with lubrication and comes from the Skene glands. These glands are located on both sides of the urethra and are also known as urethral or paraurethral glands. That’s why some people call that area “the female prostate.”

This process is also called “female ejaculation,” because the fluid has the presence of male seminal fluid markers how can he be prostate specific antigen (PSA). This was shown by Dr. Francisco Cabello in a study published in 1994, which analyzed pre- and post-orgasmic urine.

As reported The worldsaid study revealed that “75% of women present PSA levels in post-orgasmic urine.”

However, the amount of liquid produced in this ‘ejaculation’ is small and variable in each woman.

The ‘squirting’

On the other hand, according to what Dr. Cabello declared to The worldhe squirting would be the same liquid produced during ejaculation “to which some diluted urine is added”.

As Dr. Otalora explained to The countryhe squirt is “dilute urine that comes from the bladder and that it is closely associated with the moment of orgasm”, since it can be experienced before and after it. “Only 10% of women produce this fluid regularly and frequently, but any woman with a very intense orgasm can present this, That’s why it depends clearly on the stimulus,” he added.

Even though it is diluted urine, it is a liquid odorless and transparent which also comes out of the vagina. However, women who experience it often feel like they are going to pee before producing it. Although it is more liquid than ejaculation, again, it is not as powerful a jet as the one that appears in porn.

Can it be provoked?

As we have mentioned, there are many women who do not do squirting, and the way you experience each orgasm is unique. However, some wonder if it is possible to provoke it and if it produces more pleasurable orgasms. In this sense, the key is in the G-spot stimulation and strengthening of pelvic floor muscles.

Those who have never stimulated the G-spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina, may notice a certain pressure in the bladder doing so, something completely normal. The point is to experiment with what things cause greater excitement.

While this area is stimulated, it is advisable exercise the pelvic muscles by contracting and relaxing them like when you want to hold your urine. When you notice that you are reaching orgasm, remove your fingers from your vagina and push as you enter the point of no return. You will notice how a flow goes down your vagina. Keep thrusting until the ejaculate comes out of you.

Likewise, as all experts emphasize, beyond making squirt or ejaculate, the important thing is to enjoy sexual practice alone, or in company.

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