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Nails 2023: The Instagram account with the most beautiful manicures that you will want to copy

This is the Instagram account you have to follow in 2023 to have the most beautiful and original nail designs. The account is called monaj and the person behind it is the French manicurist Andréa Barbet. In it he shares some of her delicate work as a manicure professional around the world.

Andréa already has more than 114,000 followers who follow her publications very attentively, as can be deduced from the large number of likes that accumulates every time a new design is uploaded. On the occasion of Christmas, we can now find in monaj’s feed some beautiful examples of how to decorate our nails for Christmas Eve or Christmas.

On many occasions he not only shares the designs, but also accompanies them with a video of how he does it so that by watching the step by step we can make the same design or, at least, try it. In my case, assuming that I am in denial, I admit that I enjoy seeing the thoroughness and care with which she is able to decorate each of the nails.

In addition to the designs to inspire us (and make us envious), Andréa Barbet always shares the brands of nail gels, hand care as well as manicure tools that she trusts and works with regularly. Something also very valuable to take into account when we want to invest in safe products with proven effectiveness by a professional.

Among their recommendations, well-known brands but also others that are authentic discoveries and that are not always easy to find. In Spain, some of the most mentioned in this account can be found in the Laconicum store, such as the luxury hand scrub & cream from byredo or the Ouai brand that can be found at Sephora on fancy duo of hand wash & lotion.


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