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New cases of ‘flurona’ in Spain: the double infection of flu and covid

Cases of ‘flurona’, the name given to coinfections of covid-19 and flu, are beginning to emerge in different parts of Spain. Doctors and epidemiologists confirm the appearance of these “mixed infections” that, until now, “little or nothing was seen” in health centers and hospitals. Suffering from both respiratory viruses at the same time does not have to aggravate your symptoms. But “it can complicate” the epidemiological panorama, marked by a “still high” circulation of the coronavirus. This is happening in Asturias, as reported by El Comercio.

The Israeli Ministry of Health notified the first case with the name ‘flurone’ in early 2022, although there were previous reports in China and even in Spain of patients infected with covid and flu at the same time, without them being found in this circumstance. medical evidence of a worse prognosis in the evolution of the respiratory condition. Except in the case of patients “critically ill with covid.”

Symptoms of ‘flurone’ include fever, cough, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, myalgia (muscle pain), fatigue, headache or pharyngitis. Experts agree that “having both respiratory pathologies does not equate to severity” and, in fact, the symptoms caused by covid and influenza – the flu virus – are very similar and can overlap. With the nuance that the coronavirus spreads more easily, especially its omicron variant, responsible for the explosion of infections that unleashed the sixth wave of the pandemic.

“To a certain extent, it is not surprising that these double infections occur, because both viruses are coexisting,” Asturian experts explain to El Comercio, who attribute this viral coexistence “to the fact that prevention measures have been relaxed.” In fact, in these two years of pandemic, hardly any cases of flu have been recorded in Asturias, “due largely to the majority use of masks.” Once the Ministry of Health began the return to normality, having already overcome the acute phase of the sixth wave, the flu processes characteristic of the months of February and March were again recorded. The doctors even spoke of “a spike” of flu, specifically, type A.

“Right now, we have cases of coronavirus, cases of flu and cases of ‘flurona’,” summarize health sources consulted by this newspaper. But, they point out, “the majority of patients present mild symptoms, fortunately.” Doctors and health authorities agree that the high vaccination rate in the Principality contains the possible adverse effects of this viral tidal wave. In Asturias, nearly 2.5 million doses of the Covid vaccine have already been administered and the coordinator of the Principality’s immunization strategy, Ismael Huerta, has even received recognition from the Ministry of Health.

According to the latest epidemiological report from the Ministry of Health, in the region there are 247 people hospitalized with confirmation of coronavirus after a weekend in which 1,409 new infections were detected. The level of risk, in any case, is considered “assumable”, precisely because income and incidence in those over 60 years of age remain at an intermediate alert threshold. These two indicators are what determine, since the new epidemiological surveillance strategy was implemented, whether or not to take measures.