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New treatment for tired vision

It is a common disease that occurs due to excessive use of digital devices. A treatment, unique in the world, is approved in the United States

The Presbyopia or commonly called Tired Vision It can be annoying for those who suffer from it, it is not a serious condition, since the discomfort decreases when the patient rests their eyesight, however, sometimes it happens that the symptoms may indicate an eye disease that requires specific treatment, so it is It is important that, in the event of persistence, the patient consults a specialist.

This condition can be diagnosed by a Ophthalmologist or Optometrist through a basic eye exam.

Ophthalmic Solution: a new treatment

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an ophthalmic drug from the pharmaceutical company Allergan, it is an ophthalmic solution called Vuity, the pharmacist says it is the first and only treatment for this condition. These drops will be of great help to treat blurred near vision. One drop is applied to each eye and its effect lasts 6 to 10 hours.

According to George Waring, principal investigator of the clinical trials, lThe drops narrow the pupil, so less light enters the eye and as a result, focus is improved naturally.. According to the results of the study, the effects begin to be noticed 15 minutes after application.

The side effects caused by the drug are minimal and very mild, such as headache, redness, eye pain or blurry vision. Given this, they warn that the patient avoid operating heavy machinery or driving in low light.

Can they be purchased now?

For now, Vuity can only be purchased with a prescription in the United Statesso we will have to wait for it to begin to be marketed in our country, however, this is a great step to serve people who suffer from Presbyopia.

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