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Nutritionists on the networks: 5 inspiring profiles to follow

Nutrition and food are, without a doubt, priorities for millions of people around the world who are looking for delicious and healthy recipes to take care of themselves on a daily basis. If at the time television cooking programs such as the legendary one by Karlos Arguiñano were successful, now it is social networks that are most relevant in this sector, being able to find thousands of videos, recipes and tips for all tastes.

However, when looking for recommendations or information about nutrition, it is very important Make sure the people behind the screen are professionals, with training that endorses them.

In this way, we will be able to get inspired, learn new recipes and learn about food safely, avoiding misinformation or the hundreds of myths that can be found on the internet.

She is the author of Integrative diet. The diet that your health needs (Ediciones i, 2014) and on her social networks, where she has more than 56 thousand followers, she publishes recipes and information on topics such as the microbiota or the relationship between food and the skin or hormones.


For the vegetarian or those who want to innovate in the kitchen, as well as reduce their meat consumption, the account of Lucía Martínez (better known on the networks as @dimequecomes) is perfect. She specializes in vegan nutrition and is the author of Vegetarians with more science (Paidós, 2022), a book that seeks to help those who want to follow a healthy vegetarian diet.

Martínez has more than 130 thousand followers on his networks, confirming the growing interest among the population in new ways of eating.

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