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Olga Viza: “Before, the television networks were their news programs. Now they are their series”

It goes without saying that Olga Viza (Barcelona, ​​1958) is a journalist. What is striking is that, since the protagonists of the events do not remember themselves as part of the scene, in the description of their memories, the historical events are full of cameras and microphones pointed in front of them.

For others, her face and her half body belong to the television landscape as much as the images she presented: Olga Viza is part of our memories, simply because she was there, giving way to them, putting them into words.

“When they ask me, I usually start with the usual moment,” she answers, and goes back to a few heart-stopping seconds after which millions of people simply looked at her, because Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé were singing and a fiery arrow flew into a cauldron, and there were flags and cheers, and although in her memory of the event she is not there for herself, in ours Olga Viza inevitably appears there sitting, smiling, next to Matías Prats.

He timidly clears his voice, and says the words “Good afternoon, welcome to the Barcelona Olympic Games.” Suddenly, with her phrase, Spain really came out of the Transition and became a modern country: with her comments, Miriam Blasco became the first Spanish woman to win a gold medal and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario held in high the bronze.

iconic memories

“The first times are always complicated, and the second… more, finally another topic… But I don’t think there is a more beautiful profession, there are others that I especially admire, but this one is beautiful.

What other professions do you admire?
One is to heal and the other is to teach, two very important things in life. Professors and doctors, who unfortunately are paid inversely.

What do you think of the enormous rewards in sports?
I have grown up with the law of the market, but I always think, in fifty or one hundred or two hundred years… what will people say about how the self-employed were treated and how much some athletes earned?

Every day we are clouded by a distant vision of some things that are very unfair and no one puts the thread in the needle: for whatever reason, it is painful that doctors and teachers, the caregivers of the head and the body of a healthy future society, are not cared for and happy.

Anything you would change about your career?
You make me strain my memory. I have been wrong many times and I suppose I will be wrong many more. Rectifying is a good exercise, it is healthy and it is honest.

Your latest obsession?
I really like crime novels, but lately I have become a geek of the science. I don’t have a scientific mind but since I read The science of champions, In my section on the radio I bring this professor of molecular biology once a month, notice that he explains Nadal’s list or Jordan’s jump from the point of view of science, it is a way of watching sport that I don’t know, I find it fascinating and I need it explained to me.

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