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Open pores: 6 masks you should try to reduce them

Pores, these tiny visible openings in the epidermis of the skin, have different roles. Raquel González, training director at Perricone MD and cosmetologist, reminds us in this sense that “are something inherent to our skin and without them it could not fulfill its function.

However, when they are filled with sebaceous secretions, they tend to open, generating an unflattering effect. It is possible to change their appearance or at least reduce them following a basic care routine. It has to be fundamentally based on resorting to the key active ingredients and repetition, since “Any concern that we want to treat requires consistency and maintenance,” adds the expert cosmetologist.

Applying masks is a key step. From MagasIN, we reveal some with which you can refine its appearance and, therefore, improve the appearance of your skin as a whole.

6 effective masks

HYSÉAC Exfoliating Mask, Uriage It can be applied “à la carte”: it provides all the absorption efficiency of a mask and the cleansing action of an exfoliant to achieve a double effect on the skin.

In addition, it provides a pleasant sensation of softness thanks to its microspheres, which do not damage the skin. Its active ingredients allow the absorption of impurities and leave the complexion clean and purified (€13.90).

Illuminating Micro Exfoliating Mask, of Verdilab is a Physical and enzymatic exfoliating mask that contains 7 acids suitable for the most sensitive skin.

With a purifying and illuminating effect, it gives the skin a healthy glow, detoxifies, stimulates cell renewal, eliminates dead cells, unblocks pores clogged and reduces their visibility and rebalances sebum secretion (€59.50).

Capture Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask It is the facial mask Dior. It is formulated with 85% ingredients of natural origin that acts for a new skin effect from the first application. All this in just one minute.

Upon contact with the skin, the emulsified texture of this facial mask transforms into a creamy cream. with your action peeling exfoliates the skin and blurs imperfections, while providing an intense comforting sensation to the skin, thanks to a formula enriched with softening jojoba oil (€71).

The SOS Pure purifying facial mask, from Clarins (€42.75) has an absorbent and non-drying cream texture that purifies the skin and closes the pores in just 10 minutes.

The purifying mask Pore ​​Remedy Purifying Mud Maskof DR.JART+ (€5.59) is a must for eliminate impurities, blackheads and excess sebum.

Smoothes the skin without dehydrating it thanks to its composition of green mud, which eliminates impurities, blackheads and excess sebum, without dehydrating the facial skin, and sea salt, which gently exfoliates dead facial cells to leave the skin smoother.

Rose Pink Clay Maskof Aromatherapy Associatesreduces pores visibly from the French pink clay, rich in minerals and capable of freeing the skin from impurities. poreemptying it and refining it.

At the same time, despite being a clay, it combats skin dryness, something that does not happen with other similar alternatives. It also helps to regenerate and energize the skin thanks to its rose and geranium content. A much more natural approach to ending this concern (€51).

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