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Pablo Hasél’s sexist tweets that turn against Irene Montero: “Bukake for everyone”

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Unidas Podemos continues and everything indicates that it will continue without condemning the street violence carried out by radicals after the entry into prison of Pablo Hasél. The rapper from Lleida is convicted of crimes of glorifying terrorism and insulting the Crown and in recent days he has received verbal and symbolic support from different politicians of the purple party.

This has directly affected Irene Montero, who has come to justify the violence through an image on her social networks.. Specifically, the Minister of Equality has published on Twitter a photograph of Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the suffragettes British women who fought for women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, being arrested during a protest. In this sense, Montero has equated Pablo Hasél and those detained in the riots due to his imprisonment, with the feminist movement of those years..

However, the defense is turning against him because what was scandalous for a large majority has been the ironclad defense of a rapper who has left evidence of his explicit machismo on social networks. For years, Hasél has written numerous messages in the past disrespecting and insulting women, calling them “whores.”

Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette

— Irene Montero (@IreneMontero) February 18, 2021

“I write poetry, yes, and I can also tell you ‘go eat cocks bitch daughter of the great whore‘”, wrote the man from Lleida in April 2012. “Those who call me ‘sexist’ for saying ‘bitch’ would rather be treated the way I treat the girl I love,” he added in September of the same year.

The most offensive and degrading of all was done in March 2012: “Bukkake for all those crazy things that paint all of us men as potential abusers and would like there to be only women”.

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Criticisms of Montero

Pablo Hasél’s tweets go further and can be checked by any user on his Twitter profile. “It offends me that that bitch thinks I’m going to pay attention to her because she has a pussy and two tits,” he said in September 2012. The messages of this nature are countless and Social networks have attacked Irene Montero and the party led by Pablo Iglesias for defending a man capable of writing such tweets.

Bukkake for all those crazy things that paint all men as potential abusers and would like there to be only women

— Pablo Hasel (@PabloHasel) March 28, 2012

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo Nor has he wanted to remain on the sidelines in the face of the silence of Unidas Podemos. The representative for Barcelona of the Popular Party has publicly shared four photographs where she compiles some of Pablo Hasél’s sexist pearls.

Borja Semper, former spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Basque Parliament, has also shown his disbelief at the position of the purple party. “They have burned the city because of a guy who talks like that about women. Cancel culture and such, but it depends,” he expressed on his Twitter account.

United We Can.

— Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo (@cayetanaAT) February 18, 2021

Given Montero’s silence, the response has come from users who emphasize that Hasél’s words, no matter how unfortunate they may be, do not imply abandoning him for reasons of insult to the Crown. In addition, they highlight that the offensive messages towards women were written almost 10 years ago.

What is evident is that the controversy involving the rapper Pablo Hasél has been a headache for this Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez. And all this while the protests continue.

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