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Parenting Guidelines and their benefits

The main objective of the Parenting Guidelines is to maintain a good state of physical, organic and mental health, with habits that are within the home, mainly created by the parents and advised by the Pediatrician.

Parenting Guidelines They are routines in which each family contributes to the child’s educationshould also include the good habits that characterize daily activities, in this process there are people who take on important importance, such as parents and caregivers, that is, grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​or support staff.

Within the Parenting Guidelines the following points must be considered:

  • Feeding Habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Behavioral habits

Depending on the type of family relationship that exists between parents and children, it will be the way in which the Parenting Guidelines are on the right track. For example, there are families in which children from an early age are included in decisions according to their habits, however, this model can be contradictory, since Children come to manipulate parents.

To carry out Parenting Guidelines in the best way, it is important the image of parental leadershipsince they are guides so that habits are created and developed according to each stage of the children, it is important to keep in mind that parents are not friends of childrenbut they are the image of example and confidence that they should have.

What signs indicate that a good Parenting Pattern is not being followed?

Parents may begin to see that the Parenting Guidelines are not being followed in the best way when children They are not carrying out food controlsince in most cases the portions and times are not correct, which is why children begin to express Overweight and Gastroenterological Diseases.

The second point to know that the Parenting Guidelines are not being carried out is that The children are not sleeping their corresponding hours nor in the spaces according to their age, since some children when they grow up still sleep with their parents and mistakenly get used to their parents’ sleep schedules.

The last point is the behavior of the children, the attitudes of Tantrum, stubbornness, crying, screaming or kicking are signs that the Parenting Guidelines are not being followed in a good way. and this is because parents do not set limits and discipline, that is, everything the child says or asks for is given and celebrated.

Recommendations for carrying out the Parenting Guidelines

Parents must maintain meal times of the child, as well as the appropriate portions indicated by the pediatricianBetween each meal it is advisable to add a snack that is not sweet, but seeds or whole grains, as well as accompanying it with physical activity.

In the same way, Sleep schedules should be 8 to 9 hours a day In the first years, sleep in its corresponding space and avoid heavy dinners, that is, foods that contain fats or sugars, since this affects the quality of sleep and rest.

Finally, parents should set limitsexplain to the children that it is and is not allowed, set activities within the home according to their possibilities and above all, do not spoil them too muchprizes and rewards must be according to compliance with the rules and academic performance.

Carrying out good Parenting Guidelines can avoid physical, organic and mental illnessesFurthermore, it forges a good relationship between parents and children, making coexistence healthier and making them healthy adults in the future.