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«Patients come to Clínica Esbeltia through word of mouth and the good reviews we have in opinion forums»

Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 09:34


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A little over three years ago, Clínica Esbeltia opened its doors in Malaga and, since then, it has become a reference in hair transplantation not only in our province, but throughout the country.

The team of committed and highly qualified professionals, led by Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Solanes and Dr. María José Fernández Jiménez, stands out for its commitment and for offering high quality services at a price affordable to everyone.

The specialist answers the most frequent questions of people who are thinking about undergoing this type of operation at Clínica Esbeltia.

What types of grafts are performed at Esbeltia?

We perform the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, that is, a hair-by-hair graft. This procedure is distinguished by individually obtaining the follicles from the nape of the neck, thanks to a utensil with millimeter precision.

How is the proccess?

First of all, we evaluate the patient in consultation, we see if he is suitable for the graft. This depends on the area to be covered and the donor area. If the area to be covered is huge and the donor area is small, the patient is ‘unsuitable’. The fundamental thing is how much we want to cover and how many follicles we have for it because, although it may seem like a truism, the follicle that is extracted does not come back, so you have to be very careful when extracting so as not to leave bare areas. In fact, for us the first priority in an extraction is not to leave the donor area injured. We meet many patients who have had grafts done in other clinics and have a very damaged donor area, with thinning or even bald patches.

Does the success of the graft depend on the donor area?

Not exactly, this is the first fundamental premise. Afterwards, the success of the graft depends on the technique being performed properly and the patients carrying out postoperative care correctly. There are patients who do not give the necessary importance to subsequent care, which leads to the result being less than expected.

What care must be carried out?

These are simple but necessary instructions. For example, during the following month it is recommended not to do intense physical activity or expose yourself to direct sun. And patients must be very careful to follow the instructions.

Can grafts be done in all types of patients?

If the patient has a donor area that allows it, yes. It can be done in diabetic patients, with kidney transplants, with heart disease, etc. Obviously all these added pathologies have to be controlled.

When does a patient have to come for the graft?

I always say the same thing: when the patient wants to improve aesthetically. This is a technique that is done for aesthetics, not for health. Therefore, when a patient believes that he should improve his physical appearance and, consequently, his self-esteem, it is time to do it. There are patients who have small receding veins and decide to have it done because they want to feel better. This desire is what marks the patient’s profile, since we operate on people of all ages. We have patients from twenty to seventy-five years old. They all share the desire to improve aesthetically and have seen that at Clínica Esbeltia there is an affordable technique, with minimal side effects, very bearable and with which they will look better.

It is painful?

It is a technique that is performed with local anesthesia, so the pain is zero. And recovery is very bearable. In fact, there are patients who return to work in a couple of days. Of course, as long as they are activities that do not require intense physical effort.

How long does the operation last?

The usual schedule is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but that includes everything from the reception of the patient to the design of the performance area, which is done by consensus with each person so that the result is to their liking.

For us it is very important that the patient participates in the decision of the work that is going to be done. In fact, we make the first line, which is the one that usually worries them the most, in agreement with them so that it meets the aesthetic criteria of each person.

Is it necessary to shave?

For the extraction area, it is essential to shave the posterior area and the sides. However, in the rest it is not necessary and is agreed upon with the patient. In fact, in women it is done without shaving.

Do many women come?

They come, but they are a minority. Alopecia mainly affects men.

How do patients get to Esbeltia?

Fundamentally through two means: word of mouth and comments in opinion forums. In this sense, it is worth noting that we occupy the first positions in positive evaluations from patients from clinics throughout Spain. We have hundreds of positive comments and images that attest to the process and that are shared by the patients themselves. This generates confidence in the clinic and makes many people decide to come to have surgery here from other places in Spain.

What do patients value most about the clinic?

Professionalism and results. As I say, this is supported by the experience of the patients themselves, both through word of mouth and in the forums. It is an objective guarantee.

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