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Pelucas Ángela Navarro: “We started when our colleague was diagnosed with cancer”

Bea Guerrero, CEO of the hair salon Ángela Navarro, gives the keys to MagasIN on breast cancer day and in her fight to make this day more bearable thanks to her oncological wigs and treatments.

The idea of ​​going from a normal hair salon to join with foundations against cancer and offer products for people who suffer or have suffered arises from the fact that their partner Ana Muñoza journalist in Cibeles, was diagnosed with cancer.

“We redid her image in our workshop and shortly afterward she returned to tell us that her colleagues were very angry because she had not lost her hair“explains the CEO.

But not only them, Bea Guerrero assures that there are more and more women who, without being alopeciathey decide to use oncological wigs as another part of their outfits.

Angela Navarro Room.


In addition, the Ángela Navarro hair salon also has treatments to address cancer beyond the hair and that is the scalp, eyebrows, nails and skin Both the face and the body are quite affected.

“Despite the fact that treatments are becoming more specific, these side effects remain and must be taken into account to keep them in good condition during oncological treatment,” adds the CEO.

They offer products such as cosmetics ADAPT, created especially for skin in highly sensitive conditions with very simple formulas to minimize the possibility of allergies. Ideal for all skin types and especially for people who are undergoing an oncological process.

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