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Practice the easy frog exercise to tone your glutes

Show off toned glutes usually one of the highest aspirations of those who dedicate their time and effort in the gym. There are many routines and exercises appropriate to achieve this.

Instagram and TikTok are an amazing source to find them. One of the most popular exercises in recent weeks to show off 10 glutes is the frog pump or frog exercise.

It’s not exactly literal to do the ‘frog jump’, but the posture and movement somewhat resembles the simile that gives it its name.

Is about one of the routines most recommended by personal trainers to tone area. They are easy to do, can be practiced without leaving home and are an excellent alternative to popular squats.

Woman practicing the frog exercise.


How to do the Frog?

As its name indicates, it involves doing the frog movement from a position that part of lying on your back with your legs spread in butterfly.

The starting position is already a challenge, in which in no case should we separate the upper part of the back from the ground, the elbows can be placed bent upwards with the fists closed or, alternatively, it is possible to have the arms extended with palms open to better distribute the effort, as is most comfortable.

The soles of the feet together and the knees slightly bent out. From this position, we raise the hips as much as possible until the torso forms a straight line, making a diagonal from the knees to the shoulders.

It is advisable to practice it in three series of 20 repetitions each, maintaining the position for at least one second when we reach the top.

Senior woman with legs in butterfly.


More exercises

He frog pump It is a different, less conventional exercise and whose benefits are appreciated after a few weeks of practice.

Although you can carry out In isolation, it should be included in a more complete exercise routine, since it is an area of ​​the body that It is usually worked at the end of a plank, when we have already warmed up and exercised other areas such as legs, thighs or joints.

For this reason, it is appropriate to integrate the frog exercise in a routine that works the lower body. To avoid one of the most common mistakes when practicing this type of exercise, it is best to activate the muscles of the entire area, not just the glutes.

To begin with, it is best to perform short series of few repetitions so as not to fatigue the muscle. For example, we can combine between five and ten kicks and glute bridges, before doing the frog jumps.

Also We can incorporate small difficulties, such as small weights that help us to do deep squats, lunges or simply deadlifting.

Avoid injuries

A fundamental premise is to maintain good posture at all times to avoid possible injuries. Although it may seem like an affordable exercise, if not performed from a correct position, it can cause back problems.

To avoid straining this area, it is advisable to raise your hips, opening your legs as much as possible, without taking off the soles of your feet and keeping your shoulders on the ground at all times.

A trick that some coaches use is to recommend touching your chin to your chest so that the elbows are the reference for pressure against the ground.

It is also possible to use a cushion or small pillow under your head. Yeah If you want to add extra difficulty to the exercise, all you have to do is add a little weight.

Specifically, it involves placing an object on the abdomen that can be a small weight or a thick book. With this extra resistance in the lifts, we will have to apply more force and, therefore, we will be able to strengthen the glutes even more if possible.

to do good a ‘frog pump

For correct postural discipline when performing This exercisewe lie down on the floor looking up with our legs bent.

From this basic position, we join the soles of the feet, separating the knees outward.

With the elbows as support also against the floor, we push the hips up as much as possible. We hold on for at least a second at the top and on the way down we do not touch the ground with our glutes so that the effort is more effective.

The upper part of the back must be in contact with the ground at all times. In case of friction in the elbows, it is possible to do the exercise with the arms fully extended and the palms of the hands as support on the floor.

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