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Premature Aging: causes and prevention

The main causes of Premature Aging are related to bad habits, or to internal and external agents.

Premature Aging is the damage that the skin suffers at an early age. Although our body presents natural changes over time, with Premature Aging can be noticed quickly, especially on the skin and specifically on the face.. Although Aging occurs differently for everyone, there are signs that can be considered premature when they occur before the age of 35.


There are various causes, these are some of them:

  • Sun exposure and beds tanned: although sunbathing is healthy, exposure time should be limited
  • Bad Sleep Habits: chronic lack of sleep or poor sleep can cause fine wrinkles and decreased subcutaneous fat
  • Bad nutrition: certain research indicates that high consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates such as flour damage cells and cause their oxidation
  • Alcohol and caffeine consumption: excess causes dehydration, so the skin wrinkles and loses its shape
  • Environment: Pollution can cause pigment spots and wrinkles
  • Stress: Constant exposure can produce an inflammatory response and as a result you can age faster

The effects of Premature Aging can be noticed with:

  • Appearance of Spots
  • Emaciated Hands
  • Inflammation or Hyperpigmentation in the chest
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Wrinkles or sagging
  • Alopecia

How to prevent it?

Homeopathy and Acupuncture can help reverse accumulated oxidative damage, both internal and external, since their application can help prevent and encourage some aging processes.. Another important aspect to prevent it is changing harmful habits such as avoiding alcohol and tobacco consumption, instead drinking 2 liters of water every day, eating a healthy and varied diet, sleeping 8 hours a day and having facial treatments to hydrate the skin externally.

It is worth saying that Good routines must be acquired and maintained to avoid Premature Aging.. On the other hand, if the patient detects some signs of age, they can go to a specialist in Homeopathic Medicine, who will provide them with the best treatment taking into account their needs.