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Puppet lines: what they are and how to make them disappear

The passage of time has direct consequences on the appearance of our skin. Hence the importance of taking care of it daily, both inside and out. One of the most obvious and commented changes is wrinkles.

Did you know that some have a more specific name and treatment? This is the case of the so-called puppet lines. We explain how they differ and how to treat them.

What is it about?

“The lines of puppet are wrinkles and lines of expression that appear on the chin and at the corners of the mouth and they arise as a consequence of the sagging and descent of the tissues of the lower third of the face.

They should not be confused with the nasolabial fold, that skin fold that forms from the base of the nose and descends obliquely to the corner of the lips and that we commonly call ‘bar code’.

Unlike the nasolabial fold, the lines of puppet they are not a natural fold of the facebut its appearance is due to facial aging caused by the passage of time” explain the Primor experts.

When do they appear?

“These wrinkles on the chin they do not appear at a certain age. However, it is very common for it to manifest itself in women after passing the age of 40. Men are luckier since lines of puppet They take more years to appear due to the thickness of their skin in this area.

Stress, weight loss, tobacco and alcohol usecan enhance and accelerate its appearance” they add, remembering the importance of leading the healthiest life possible.

How to treat them?

Hydration is key. Remember to follow a healthy diet, hydrate yourself sufficiently (1.5 liters per day) and apply creams with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or urea. They can help rebuild lost collagen and restore skin elasticity.

Also remember to protect your skin from rays. “Excessive exposure to UV rays can contribute to the loss of collagen and skin elasticity, essential elements to prevent lines of puppet upon birthday.

Therefore, to prevent its effect, use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen. Above all, during the hours of peak UV radiation, which in Spain are between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.,” they recall from Primor.

Try to apply your beauty routine, without skipping any steps. In addition to proper hydration, it is essential clean your skin properly and Exfoliate it once or twice a week.

Recommended products

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