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Queen Letizia: The Top 10 with its own box at the Teatro Real

Last Wednesday it was celebrated the gala of the 10th edition of Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain’organized by magasIN of .

The building was the brainchild of Ferdinand VII, who decided that Madrid deserved an opera house in the style of Paris or London. The first stone was laid on April 13, 1818, but it would take more than three decades to see it completed.

Years later, more works would have to be undertaken due to construction defects, which were also delayed for decades. In 1966 it was opened again to the public, but it was closed again in 1988. Finally, in 1997, Kings Juan Carlos I and Sofia were able to reopen it, from the so-called Royal Box.

Today it is Kings Felipe and Letizia who enjoy the Royal Box, the area always reserved for a possible attendance of the royal family because, not in vain, the Madrid theater is called the Teatro Real, in honor of the monarchs who promoted and cared for it for generations.

The Royal Theater of Madrid boasts of its 200 years of history and, in addition to attending performances, operas and concerts, you can learn more about it through the conferences, workshops and guided tours they organize.

It is also an incomparable setting to celebrate a gala party like the one that brought together an impressive representation of the best female talent in our country on Wednesday, with Las TOP 100.

The queen at the work table together with the AECC board.


A huge speaker

In addition to helping to promote culture, the queen is honorary member of several associations and foundations and a defender of scientific research, with special emphasis on social issues such as rare diseases, the fight against cancer and the promotion and dissemination of culture.

Those who share hours, projects and work tables with her only have praise.

From 2010, The queen is honorary president of the Spanish Association against Cancer and the Scientific Foundation (AECC).

Every year he chairs the work meetings with the members of the Association to learn about the achievements achieved, as well as discover first-hand the projects that are going to be carried out.

Without going any further, at the presentation ceremony of the latest AECC campaign, All against Canceron the eve of the celebration of World Cancer Day which is celebrated every year on February 4, Queen Letizia in her annual speech called to provide “truly more resources to the fight against cancer” and asked for commitments “public and private”.

Against gender violence

It also collaborates with the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAMP), with the Spanish Red Cross and with the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER), for more than a decade.

The spokespersons for all the organizations agree in highlighting the availability, closeness and immense influence that Queen Letizia’s work represents in each of them.

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