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Radiofrequency, a minimally invasive technique to eliminate sagging of the arms

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Dr. Ramón Calderón assures that, with Covid-19, the number of aesthetic operations has increased. Many more patients come to the FEMM Clinic, with the idea of ​​having one touch-up or another. The prestigious plastic surgeon explains to MagasIN what does it consist of Body Titea new specific treatment for sagging skin on the armsvery non-invasive, and with optimal results.

“Unexpectedly, the pandemic has made us spend more time at home, looking in the mirror or seeing ourselves on digital screens, when we do video conferences. We see ourselves closer, and we glimpse defects that we had not discovered before. So we have noticed an increase in plastic surgery consultations, and also of course, in the operating room,” she confirms.

QUESTION: Has the continued use of the mask caused us to go to the consultation in search of a solution, for example, for the separation of the ears?

ANSWER: We have not detected that we are doing more otoplasties specifically, because of the mask straps. But the demand for facial adjustments in general has increased, because by spending more time at home, families have been able to save the expenses that usually went to restoration or travel, and have been encouraged to take the step towards plastic surgery.

Calderon working in the operating room.

What are the most requested operations?

In relation to masks, and since they only allow the eyes to be seen, we have had a lot of demand for eyelid surgery, which we call blepharoplasty.

The demand for nose operations has also increased, because having the anonymity of the mask is very good for recovery.

When someone undergoes an operation of these characteristics, they usually have a slight swelling in the lower eyelids for 10 to 15 days, and wear a splint or immobilizer. It is easy to hide this operation with a mask, even with teleworking. No one has to know about the operation.

And what is the average age of the patient who comes to the consultation today?

The patients who come to the clinic are increasingly younger. I just operated on a girl who is 22 years old, but it is true that a large part of our patients are between 25 and 40 years old. The explanation is simple. When you are very young, you do not have money saved for surgery and patients usually wait a while to enter the job market. The aesthetic motivation is very great.

And in the case of a 45-year-old woman, what does she demand the most?

From 45 years old, what worries you most is the chestwhich has been damaged by pregnancy and lactation, and arises after the reproductive stage.

Besides the mastopexy or breast lift, We also perform a lot of abdominal surgery for the same reason. The abdomen remains distended, with stretch marks, hernias at the level of the navel, etc. It is not only for an aesthetic reason, but there is a functional component, since the abdominal muscles are the stabilizers of posture and the spine.

In abdominoplasties we not only treat the sagging of the skin and abdominal fatty tissue, but we also repair the muscles and make them stabilize, thereby reducing back discomfort in many cases.

One of your latest treatments is Body Tite, what does it consist of?

It is a recent technology that It consists of applying radiofrequency internally through internal probes, through which we release radiofrequency and this reduces fatty tissue, and at the same time that energy improves the quality of the skin. It stimulates the formation of new skin fibers, collagen and elastin, so that the skin is more elastic and combats sagging. On the one hand we eliminate fat and on the other we improve the quality of the skin.

It is a minimally invasive surgery, that is, it does not have an associated scar, but rather from a minimal incision, we introduce cannulas and apply the treatment there.

What areas can this treatment improve?

It can be used in any area where we see that the skin has sagged or is sagging. The usual areas are the face, shoulders, ankles, inner thigh, abdomen, knees and arms.

In the arms, something like that had not been contemplated now…

As plastic surgeons, we had difficulty providing an effective solution to a patient who had sagging arms due to excess fat. We felt very limited, because the only option was to make a long scar from the elbow to the armpit. Now with a minimal incision in the folds of the elbow of two millimeters, a probe is introduced that aspirates the fat so that there is no weight, and with radiofrequency we improve the tension and quality of the skin. This technology is very interesting for the arms. If the sagging was greater, we would recommend a classic facelift.

Is it an alternative to strength exercise?

It is not an alternative. When we increase muscle mass by exercising due to tension, the turgor of the arm improves, but there is no effect on sagging and improvement of the skin. They are two complementary procedures. We recommend continuing to exercise (after 4 weeks) because the more defined and firm the muscle, the better the result will be. It is then important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits with stable weight maintenance, good nutrition and exercise.

What should we consider when we decide to choose a clinic to undergo a cosmetic operation?

As patients, we have the obligation to inform ourselves well before undergoing surgery. Nowadays, we have access to opinions and testimonies on the internet, and the vast majority serve to guide us. From a professional point of view, it is important that The surgeon who will treat us is qualified as a plastic surgeon, with the specialty of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.. The training of plastic surgeons in Spain is magnificent.

The operation is not only performed by the surgeon, but follow-up work carried out by clinic professionals, and patient care in the first days After the operation, it is important for the experience to be positive and not traumatic.

Is plastic surgery as expensive as people think?

Cosmetic surgery in the hands of good professionals, with guarantees and in a good clinic, is expensive. Now, it is not expensive if we compare it with the surgery that is performed in the rest of Europe or Canada. In the end, it is a health issue and we should not skimp or bargain because it is a mistake.

A piece of advice for those who are thinking about it…

I would tell them that once you have surgery, do it in a good place, and if you can’t do it now, wait one or three years. Let’s not be in such a hurry to have surgery, let’s save up to have surgery with a good professional. It’s common sense. Let’s not make these decisions hastily, because for some patients they do have consequences. Half of my patients are referred from other surgeries, from other cheaper clinics, and now it is up to the most experienced professionals to fix it.

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