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Redefinition of the Mandibular Contour: procedure

Shaping the Facial Contour generates harmony and results in a younger and more stylized appearance

The Mandibular Contour It is one of the factors that influence the shape and definition of the facial oval. The definition of this line gives a feeling of firmness and makes the features of the face more attractive.

Besides, Shaping the Facial Contour generates harmony and results in a more youthful and stylized appearance.

Procedure with Botulinum Toxin

By applying Botulinum Toxin to the area of ​​the masseter muscles, the lower third of the face is slimmed and the chin is refined.. Additionally, by relaxing these muscles, important improvements can be obtained in Dental Bruxism, Stress Headache Secondary to muscle tension and the effects of Dysfunction of the Temporomandibular Joint such as jaw pain and dental wear.

Botulinum Toxin has been a medication approved by the FDA for more than 40 years.not only for corrective or preventive aesthetic purposes, but also for the treatment of certain diverse pathologies such as Strabismus, lip contour irregularities, excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and feet, neck spasms, tics, cord injuries vowels, anal fissures or overactive bladder.

This neurotoxin, produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria and applied at very low doses, allows temporary paralysis or numbness in the treated muscle. Therefore, it will reduce or eliminate for a time between 4 to 6 monthscertain wrinkles on the face (between the eyebrows, forehead, crow’s feet, barcode and corners of the lips, neck muscles).

The masseter is one of the most important facial muscles; It is a jaw elevator, it controls the force of chewing and the opening or closing of the mouth, is located on the sides of the jaw. When the Toxin is applied with microinjections in the area of ​​the masticatory muscles or masseter muscles, their relaxation will occur, which leads to a redefinition of the angle and line of the jaw.

This treatment is performed in the office, It does not require anesthesia, with minimal discomfort and dosing is completed bilaterally in less than 15 minutes. It is applied in the mandibular angle area, with micro needles less than 5mm in length, and has no side effects.

Additionally, the redefinition of the mandibular line can be complemented with the use at the same time of Hyaluronic acid o Collagen Threads. This last recommendation will depend on the evaluation of the Facial Contour of each patient during the consultation by the specialist.