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Roberto Verino’s ‘capsule wardrobe’ for next summer

Dora Casal, CEO of the Roberto Verino brand, told some media, for the first time, details of the collection for next season. The Galician designer is one of those who do not present his models parading on the catwalk of the Madrid Fashion Week but it does present its proposals within its framework, with a video.

. You have to be in the market, your client is in the market today, and you have to adapt to what he is going to ask for and need.”

“Roberto Verino is a timeless brand, destined to last in the closet, but that pays attention to trends, like all fashion brands: the trends have to be there, but filtered by us and with colors always in line with the brand,” Dora Casal tells us.

There is no shortage of basic colors par excellence, black and white, that are a must of every wardrobe worth its salt. And the tailoring that is the house’s trademark: black and white double-breasted jackets with shorts. Very light fabrics for summer. Very comfortable to wear and provide a lot of movement.

Some proposals from Roberto Verino for this spring-summer.

The long white pants with pleats and cuffs at the bottom. And for the evenings, Hellenic-inspired dresses, loose and also very comfortable to wear. Floral prints, essential every spring.

There is also no lack one of the star garments, the trench coat, “not even our summer knitwear, all the handmade fabric that is spectacular. We have a whole set of garments that are basic but basic with something more… that ultimately complete the looks and they allow you to be more or less sophisticated,” says the CEO.

There is a proposal for shorts with peplum together that become two proposals: It is a super fun model because Plus the skirt has fantastic pockets. and it’s wonderful, because you can get super elegant with the overtaffeta or you can wear some leggings with the skirt that also looks spectacular”.

And there are also the accessories for the night: “This year we have a spectacular collection, with bags completely made of top quality leather and which are super comfortable and have a very sophisticated aesthetic. But the really important thing is that you open them and they have a super well-crafted mouth so that they really fit for daily use and you can fit everything, even your big cell phone!”, Casal continues.

“Then we have a collection that we are very fond of, which It is the Martina, which is a reissue of a bag from 2013 that came out in a fashion show, with short and long chains, pockets… everything you need capacity, but without losing the point of sophistication of a crafted bag. And it comes in a lot of colors.”

And, of course, its famous summer bag collection, in canvas and raffia, “which works very well and I think it is something very identifying of the brand. The canvas ones have to be made every year because people love them,” says Dora.

This has been the year of the 40th anniversary and the assessment they make of all the events they are organizing throughout Spain “is very, very positive. We commemorate the 40 years of the brand with a traveling exhibition in the ten most emblematic Spanish cities for the firm and for the positioning of our stores,” he explains.

“We started last July and will continue touring different places until December of this year. And the truth is that the reception in each of the cities we go to is spectacular. The people are super affectionate, they have immense affection for Roberto and the entire team. and, in the end, you see that there is a very, very personal relationship between the store and the customer, which is the most rewarding,” she says proudly.

“Because if you have clothes that last a long time, but You also have a person in a store who really advises you as if he were your friend, It’s like the perfect circle, and the truth is that receiving that love, honestly, is like a ‘high’ every time we land in a city. Right now we are in Burgos,” he adds.

And then? “Well We will be in March in Madrid, at the Cultural Center Fernando Fernan Gomez. We will open on March 17 and I am telling you this for the first time because we have not yet sent the save the date, and in principle he will be in Madrid for a month. And we are very, very happy.”

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