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Rosa Belmonte and Emilia Landaluce, on ‘The Bad Victim’: “What is read for free is not valued”

Authors of words with Rosa, They met on one of the terraces in Madrid, under a blazing sun, but where everything is worth it if it involves Rosa Belmonte and Emilia Landaluce. Two of the current journalists who have decided to revolutionize the concept of crime novels, publishing The bad victim (Espasa 2023), where they talk about journalism, powers, social classes, crimes and humor, always so necessary in life.

Rosa Belmonte says she doesn’t take anything too seriously. She is a columnist on ABC and the Vocento regional ones. She also speaks on the radio on Onda Cero and esRadio. Emilia Landaluce, is a columnist and journalist for El Mundo, directs the LOC supplement. And she is a commentator on EsRadio and Onda Cero.

Under the prickly pear tangled with a fig tree, four greyhounds were crowded together, busy with something that Marín; the farmer couldn’t see. They growled, scratched, nibbled without paying attention to the voice of his master, who had to get down on all fours to see what the dogs were up to. It was the dark body of a woman whose face showed her death. This is the synopsis of The bad victim.

The victim is a beautiful and rich young woman. She is an orphan of parents, whom apparently no one misses, and who could well be one more of the serial killer who has the residents of the Cadiz Coast in suspense.

The plot excuse, the MacGuffin in the best Hitchcock style. But fundamentally the theme of the novel is the investigation not of the police, nor of the civil guard, but of Socorro, an events journalist, of promise and professionalism, of duty and vocation, who has to move from Madrid to Puerto de Santa María, a place to which he swore not to return. Talent and bad temper could define this character.

Cover ‘The bad victim’

Socorro lives the contempt. She was invisible to the privileged due to her condition of being the daughter of Antonia, the domestic worker who, no matter how much they told her, was like one of her family. She herself says: “You don’t know what it’s like to have all the things in front of you and not be able to touch them.”

Antonia doesn’t take vacations like that, from doing nothing. In the summer she goes with the Lequericas, with whom she has always worked and knows all the ins and outs of it. She says the best thing that ever happened to her is being widowed. Because: “of men, the best, hanged”

The Lequericas don’t have it very easy in the sexist world of work either, no matter how aristocratic you are.

In the case of María Teresa Fernández Córdoba, better known as “Pincho”, she wanted to be director of Matinal, but she stayed in culture. She had a journalistic vocation, and was very competent, but she has a brother and her father fully trusted him, and he was also the one who ran the businesses.

Belmonte tells us that they like to include real characters beyond the fact that some may seem like someone in particular, who is not. “Probably not,” Rosa says. “She Here she is a real character and it is assumed that she had been the King’s girlfriend. So she takes a monumental rebound because she does not even appear with initials.”

They recognize that there is a character inspired by someone who can be clearly seen, in fact, he himself has joked about it and so “we don’t hide it.” “But the rest is fiction, no matter how hard some readers try.”

What makes you a good victim?

Like everything in life, just like with books, they must know how to catalog you and put you into a stereotype that doesn’t throw you off.

One of the conditions of being a bad victim, is that he must behave as such in a trial. Rosa points out a survey she has been seeing from 1975, from TV critics and school principals about Pippi Longstocking.

The director said that he could not be a good example for the boys, nor the girls. Because in our society they don’t understand that it feels a certain way.

Nor is it understood, therefore, that the victim, No matter how much of a victim she is, she cannot come to court and sit with her legs raised. That doesn’t make you a good victim.

If we find a culprit, is the investigation over?

Although this is almost police. Not always. Especially if we don’t find the real culprit.

Normal people have a very limited interest in stories. Just as we have become accustomed to the instantaneousness of the news, we are also more addicted to suffering, but let it be brief and have a beginning and an end.

Although this is almost police. Not always. Especially if we don’t find the real culprit.

Newspapers have a social function that should not be equated with, or emulate, the desire for gratification of social networks.

Chemical submission, also a theme of the novel, occurs when the puncture lasts a few seconds. But the fact that the newspapers were on this issue all summer, that the minister of the interior did not say that there was nothing to justify it, caused the emergency rooms in certain places to collapse because the girls believed that they had been pricked.

Sometimes we have to slap ourselves when we are publishing because it unleashed mass hysteria. What is read for free is not valued. People who are not willing to pay for information do not deserve to be told the truth.

“It is interesting to distinguish between the user and the reader. The latter is willing to pay for the information, while a user, who does not care who has uploaded the news, just wants to get in there even if there is no continuity. Journalists are the best prism of reality.”

“It is set on the Cadiz Coast because we wanted it to be sunny, but not as sunny as it is today.”

Belmonte and Landaluce had a great time writing this story and it shows. Rosa mentions Zapatero when he told his wife: «Sonsoles; “It’s just that you don’t know the things that can be done as president.”

“We have discovered the things that we can invent, and that apart from journalism, we can kill people, marketing, for example. Whatever we want,” Rosa comments with a laugh.

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