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Rupture at the gates of 8-M: abolitionist feminism distances itself from the official demonstration

They wave the motto “feminism is abolitionist“and demand the elimination of the prostitution and the pornography: those known as “abolitionist feminists“have led to the breaking of hegemony on Women’s Day and have distanced themselves from the official demonstration, of which they will not be part.

They will go to 8-Mbut in a march separate from the one organized by the Commission 8M. Mainly because the demands of the abolitionists are different: while the march that Irene Montero will attend demands “Right for all, every day!”, the others, the classical feministsyes, they ask the eradication of pornography consumption, prostitution, surrogacy and the repeal of the Trans Law promoted by the Ministry of Equality, which they harshly criticize because it allows gender self-determination, which, according to them, “undermines your rights“.

Abolitionist Front, Feminist Platform 7N, Feminist Political Forum, Feminists To Congress (FAC) and the Feminist Party of Spain, as well as the powerful Feminist Movement of Madrid, have called alternative demonstrations prior to those of 8M that have circulated and will circulate in dozens of cities in Spain. For now, this Sunday, March 6, there were concentrations at 12:00 in Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Gijón, Granada, Ponferrada (León), Seville and Vitoria-Gasteiz, while in Tenerife it took place at 11:00 and in Gran Canaria It is scheduled for today at 7:00 p.m.

“It is time to say that ‘entrism’ has occupied the women’s movement,” says Lola Benegas of the Madrid Feminist Movement.

In Madrid, the capital, their demands could also be heard in the morning: to the choir “being a woman is not a feeling” and “free, safe and free abortion“, the Madrid abolitionists gathered this Sunday in the Plaza Guardias de Corps in front of the bust of Clara Campoamor to demand more rights for women.

Alternative demonstrations of 8-M

During the meeting shouts of “fascist“referring to the Minister of Equality.”We are tired of being raped, neglected, patriarchal justice and sexual violence.l,” they told the media. It was also heard that they are tired of the “reification“, in clear reference to surrogacy.

Lola Benegas, spokesperson for the Feminist Movement of Madrid, in statements collected by the EFE Agency, has justified that “It is time to say that ‘entrism’ has occupied the women’s movement to incorporate demands and demands that are not those of women“. Not only does it demand the abolition of prostitution, surrogacy, pornography and sexist stereotypes, but it also asks that sex not disappear from the laws, since “then the explanation of why they kill and rape us disappears“.

For her part, Alicia Miyares, from the Alliance Against the Erasure of Women, told EFE that “It is not sustainable that parties that declare themselves feminist go behind a banner that defends positions contrary to the feminist agenda.“.

Precisely in Madrid, during the 8-M celebrationthere will be two simultaneous demonstrations: the official and, predictably, more massive one, which will leave at 7:00 p.m. from Atocha until reaching Plaza de Colón, and at the same time that of the abolitionist feminists, who will leave Gran Vía at the same time. from the intersection with Alcalá Street to go to Plaza de España.

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