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Sales 2023: H&M Home has the 10 decoration objects in which you should invest

Whether it’s for the kitchen, dining room or bedroom… finding the perfect decoration can become a real puzzle. With harmony as a premisenothing should be left to chance, and even less the details that end up making the difference.

In recent years, we have witnessed a small (favorable) revolution in the sector: the arrival of specific decoration lines in the catalog of companies that initially, They were only dedicated to fashion and beauty.

In this sense, Zara, Mango and H&M, among others, launched their “Home” version, which in the case of the Inditex firm, exists as its own brand. Proposal? Household linen, utensils, furniture… accessible to almost everyone, due to their prices. This Christmas, we remembered it again with proposals to decorate the house and even the table at a mini price.

At the beginning of the year, and as always, these firms join the great season of discounts. H&M is one of the few that has already lowered its prices, without waiting for the official date of January 6.

Their proposal includes decorative objects but also bedding, towels, lamps, candles and even “lounge” clothing that, in some cases, can be purchased at half price.

Take advantage of these winter 2023 sales to renew your interior at very interesting prices. This year will be the year of the home revolution. As Pinterest already told us in its Predictions report: “TOGod to boring homes. In 2023, Generation Z and Boomers will make room for design weirdcorethe decor with mushrooms and fantasy and psychedelic art for your sacred spaces”. These are our essentials from the Swedish brand.

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