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Samantha Jones in 5 phrases that changed TV: this is how Kim Cattrall’s character liberated women

Any fan of Sex in New York I wished like May water the return of Kim Cattrall to the sequel of the series, And Just Like That… And it is not surprising, since his character, Samantha Jonesis one of the most iconic (and revolutionary) of the 90s series.

As Paloma Porcel, the voice of Carrie Bradshaw, already told magasIN, “the series was revolutionary in many ways“And although it now seems that there are things that have aged poorly or that, seen with the eyes of 2023, do not seem that bad, back in 1998 there were few women in prime time talking about sexuality or relationships openly.

Cattrall’s character also had a lot to do with the evolution of the rest of the protagonists: Samantha Jones pushed Carrie, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes to try new things and let their tongues slip.

“Twice it’s my fault.”

Samantha is, without a doubt, the sex guru for her friends – and for anyone who has seen the series at least once. Therefore, it is not trivial to hear her tell Carrie that “If I am dissatisfied once, it is his fault; If I am dissatisfied twice it is my fault.”.

In English, the quote is even more powerful: “Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me“This advice, although it had a lot to do with sex when he says it in the series, could actually be applied to any aspect of life.

Bonus track

In the sixth season of the series, Samantha – who suffers from cancer – pays a particular tribute to all the patients. During a speech at a Cancer Association event, she cuts off her message to acknowledge: “If any of you have hot flashes like me, you deserve to be given a medal. First my hair is falling out and now my face is melting in spurts”, says. And he takes off his wig to show, before the public, something that was still hidden at that time: the consequences of cancer.

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