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Sara Blanco, ‘lifestyle influencer’ and mother of artists: this is how she lives with Parkinson’s at 91 years old

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After 40 years of taking this disorder of the nervous system for which at the moment there is no cure, if something is beyond doubt it is that there are no barriers to Sara Blanco (Valladolid, 1932). And, if he were ever stalked by stereotypeshis response continues to be decisive and inspiring, not only for those who live with the Parkinson’s: “I see that my hands move and they barely help me bring the spoon to my mouth, but that It doesn’t stop me from continuing to fight, continue believing in myself and continue dreaming.“.

In conversation with magasINSara Blanco recognizes that she has always wanted to fly since she was a child. She loved theater and wanted to direct her own plays. She remembers that at the age of 14, from a small town in Valladolid, she told her mother: “For me the smallest town is New York“. “Well, go, daughter, go!”, her mother responded. Now, when she remembers, she thinks out loud: “If I tell you that I have achieved it at 91 years old…”. She has always been a businesswoman although it is considered “mother above all”. She has had several companies with her husband, because those of her generation had to “build a country”, and although some of them went bankrupt, precisely the unconditional love for your familyas well as his vitality, they made him move on. Her daughter Beatriz joins this interview, exuding gratitude and deep admiration for both her mother and her father: “They always knew how to rise in the face of adversity.”

The fact that Sara could not dedicate herself to the theater, as she wanted, did not prevent her from giving the best of herself to her seven children. With a special mention to María, Beatriz, Belén and Sara, he emphasizes: “They take care of me, they don’t leave me, they are attentive to my medication and, above all, they make sure I am happy. They are the ones who support me in this new life of influencersharing my experience with positive energy to all generations“His chest swells pride when talking about them: “Who was going to tell me? That now they are film producers. Beatriz has been nominated for a BAFTA as a producer of her films, she has won several awards in Hollywood producing Spike Lee, working with Jodie Foster, Back Benedict Cumberbatch and others. After having created a wonderful group (Greta and the Garbo) they have reinvented themselves“.

The nonagenarian ‘influencer’ Sara Blanco, in her home in Marbella


That vitality, that “not stopping”, is his way of facing life, and by extension Parkinson’s: an attitude that has led him to embark on new paths, like when he started painting at the age of 70, or decided to make jackets wool, although each one requires months of work. To those who live with the disease he tells them, clearly, “not to be scared, not to stay at home, to make projects, to move!” The key is that the imagination “is not distracted by illness”.

His beginnings as influencer They take place at the beginning of 2020, when he went to visit his daughters in Malibu, in Los Angeles (United States): “Don’t they say that crisis is equal to chance? Well, the coronavirus was just that for me. Not of dying, because at my age it would have been my turn, but rather I felt more alive than ever. “I’m grateful because it was like a resurrection, like the Phoenix.”

“My soul as a businesswoman does not stop, I continue doing projects,” highlights Sara, now immersed in her first international cookbook: “In it I am going to capture the Castilian Mediterranean recipes that I have grown up with since I was born, in 1932.”

Her passion for fashion

If you have to love a brand, she opts for it. Coco Chanellegend of fashion history, and they follow him Pertegaz, Ralph Lauren or Yves Saint Laurent.

The nonagenarian ‘influencer’ Sara Blanco, in her home in Marbella


Although, in any case, he appreciates that there are so many stylish Spanish brands to choose from, such as Zara, Bershka or Stradivarius: “I love the whole Inditex saga!”

The most valuable thing? That which is neither bought nor sold

It is transmitted from generation to generation: we talk about the values ​​that Sara Blanco has instilled in their daughters. They grew up in Valladolid, in an environment marked by the best of black music, among the imposing voices of Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin. A style that left its mark. A good example of this was that, in 1989, Beatriz as a soloist and Sara and Belén in the choirs, formed the band Greta and the Garbo along with keyboardist Nacho Melody.

With its lyrics in Spanish and songs like There are nights that I dream and I return to you, they resigned the soul and the funkyat the same time forging an unmistakable identity for years in the Spanish music scene until its dissolution in 2002.

Beatriz Levin, now a famous film producer and the youngest of seven siblings, describes her mother as the “faithful reflection of a determined woman, a calm force and full of attitude.” She remembers that her mother was afraid of “falling into the age line with the pandemic,” and that it was then that one of her best friends, Núria Domènechhad the great idea of ​​creating the account and naming it Sara is in the Kitchen: “You’re going to see that it’s going to change your life”. And even today she is right “although unfortunately she is no longer with us,” Beatriz maintains: “I know that in some way she is from another dimension helping our mother.”

Discipline and respect “They are the most important values ​​that he has instilled in us,” says Beatriz, mother of two beautiful girls, “the greatest gift.” She works behind the camera producing films with her husband Lloyd Levin, with whom she learns every day, as she also does with her sister Belén, who is teaching a workshop at the International School of Film and TV of Cuba: “She is an incredible film director.”

Define the good taste It is not a simple thing, although intuitively it can be described as the ability to feel and appreciate the beauty. This talent seems to run through the veins of this entire family, from “the musical and cultural quality” that his father contributed to her mother’s innate ability to reinvent herself in search of happiness.

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