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Seven ideas to organize a bachelorette party

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A bachelorette party can become one of the best moments in life. Furthermore, it has an important symbolic value. It is a tribute to youth, friendship and femininity.

But what do you do at a bachelorette party? Farewells have a wide range of possibilities. Although the surprise factor is important, it is also necessary to take into account What are the person’s tastes?

Trips, games, shows… The options to create an unforgettable experience are many.

What can’t be missing?

“People who come to Madrid usually take limousines, have dinner with Show and gymkhana around the city. In summer, people visit our farms in the surrounding area with barbecue meals, yellow humor, paintballpool parties… Everything in places where there are more groups and a good atmosphere“, they explain in BIG Farewells.

Groups often seek being with other groups, atmosphere and fun activities. Best friends or family usually contact agencies or organize it on their own.

Now, the costumes They are something that cannot be missing from a bachelorette party. Use distinctive t-shirts or something that identifies the group and, of course, differentiate the bride so that everyone knows that she is the protagonist.

“Many activities cannot be missing. People don’t want downtime. We create plans with a lot of consecutive activities, controlling the schedules and trips well so that everything flows,” they point out from Despedidas BIG.

And when to do it? Tradition usually dictates that the bachelorette party be held about a month before the wedding. Now, there are many circumstances that can influence the date. The important thing is that it is before the wedding and that it is organized well in advance so that it does not overwhelm the bride.

seven plans

These are some ideas to organize a bachelorette party. If you are preparing one, you can choose between these options depending on the budget, the days you want to be there and the taste of the bride.

A trip to the beach.

A woman at her bachelorette party on the beach.


It is an ideal option for a group that wants to spend a few days away from home, enjoy the good weather and the sea. All kinds of plans can be made at the destination and black swimsuits for friends and white ones for the bride cannot be missing.

A rural house.

A group of friends in a celebration house.


A perfect plan for nature lovers. You have a thousand options to play different games and spend a few days together away from the rest of the world. Nothing better to disconnect and have a relaxed time!

A gymkhana of reeds.

Many pints of beer prepared for a celebratory toast

Without a doubt, one of the most original and fashionable options. The plan consists of passing original and fun tests that will make you find different bars around the city where you can have a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink.

A pool party.

Friends celebrating a bachelorette party at a pool party.


Ideal for places where the weather is good or for bachelorette parties in the summer. A pool party with an open bar and the best music from a DJ can turn the celebration into an unforgettable moment.

An express kidnapping.

Kidnapping game for the bride.


An original plan that is becoming more and more fashionable. The bride receives a call. One of the guests has been kidnapped and the group has to rescue her. A fun alternative to spend an afternoon with games and tests that must be overcome to arrive at the wedding on time.

A dinner with a show.

A group of friends at a dinner toasting.


Without a doubt, it is one of the most classic plans. It can be done at any time of the year and adapts to all tastes. Is the bride more into an eighties show or an erotic dance?

A session of tupper sex.

A group of friends in a session.


An original and fun idea. This is a meeting in which a professional teaches erotic products and gives sexual techniques and advice. And long live the couple!

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