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Shabbat is only for Jews

Shabbat is a holy day for Jews, in which they dedicate themselves to rest and worship God. However, some believe that this practice is exclusive to Jews.

Where is Shabbat talked about in the Bible?

The Sabbath is a celebration that has its roots in the Hebrew religion. Before the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this day commemorated God’s rest after creating the world in six days. It was a sign of the covenant between God and his people. Today, the Sabbath is also celebrated in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What is prohibited on Shabbat?

From sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday, Jews celebrate Shabbat, or Sabbath, their holy day dedicated to rest, prayer, reading the Torah, visiting the synagogue, and gathering with family. According to Jewish law, there are more than thirty prohibitions that the Orthodox must comply with, which set the rhythm of the Shabbat. During this day, you cannot light or put out a fire, cook, use electricity, travel in motor vehicles, use the oven, write, sew or wash.

Despite all these restrictions, Shabbat can be understood as a time to forget about work and focus on pleasure. It is a time to rest, dress in the best clothes, read, light candles and toast with wine. Interestingly, the pleasure of sex is not prohibited during the Sabbath.

Who celebrates Shabbat?

Shabbat, also known as Sabbath, is a holy day for Jews. It is the seventh day of the week in their religion and is dedicated entirely to rest. Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday.

During Shabbat, rules and restrictions set out in the Torah apply, determining what can be done and what activities are prohibited during this holy day. For example, Jews are not allowed to use any technology during Shabbat. Most Orthodox Jews avoid driving, using cell phones, household appliances, and even pressing the elevator button.

Although not all Jews follow these rules strictly, it is interesting to see how the most conservative Jews completely stop their activities during Shabbat. In cities like Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel, many aspects of life adapt to these restrictions.

How long is Shabbat?

Shabbat, which begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday, is the seventh day of the Jewish week and is dedicated to rest. During this day, you do not work, you do not drive, you do not cook and you do not make any purchases. It is a day dedicated to prayer and disconnecting completely.

The rules and restrictions of Shabbat are described in the Torah, although not all Jews strictly follow them. However, it is interesting to observe how the most conservative families in Jerusalem completely stop any activity during these hours and avoid contact with technology. They do not use mobile phones, household appliances and even avoid pressing the elevator button.

Due to the high Jewish population in Jerusalem, the city adapts to these traditions. During Shabbat, shops close, the streets empty, and hotel elevators stop on each floor to prevent anyone from having to press the button. It is really surprising.

What do Jews do on Friday?

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What do you say Jesus about Shabbat?

This article talks about the sacralization of certain days and situations in organized religion. It is mentioned that in all religions, from classical paganism to Islam or Catholicism, these aspects are present. However, the preaching of the Kingdom of God brings an innovation by relativizing these aspects. An episode is mentioned in which Jesus and his disciples were walking through some fields on the holy day of the Jews, the Sabbath, and when they were hungry, they plucked ears of grain and ate the grains. The Pharisees complained about this action, considering it a violation of a religious norm. Some Jewish authors argue that the disciples were not breaking the Sabbath and that the accusation was unjust. However, Jesus took a radical and revolutionary stance by stating that God’s commands should not imprison man, but rather liberate and bless him. The Sabbath was created so that man could recover from the work and fatigue of the week, not to subject him to slavery. Jesus, as messiah, was lord of the Shabbat and his message was clear: the Kingdom of God is not a religion and is in opposition to the religion that uses God’s gifts to enslave human beings.

When do you say Shabbat shalom?

Shalom means peace, well-being and is a greeting or farewell used by Jews. The word shalom comes from the Hebrew שלום and conveys a wish for health, harmony, inner peace, calm and tranquility towards those to whom the greeting is addressed.

In Hebrew, words go beyond their pronunciation, as they encompass emotion, intention and feeling. For this reason, in several passages of the Bible we find the word shalom, which means peace and desire for well-being between people, nations or between God and man.

Shalom aleichem is a greeting frequently used by Jesus, meaning “peace be with you.” It is also the name of a song sung during the celebration of Shabbat.

Shabbat means Saturday and rest. It is the weekly day of rest in Judaism, beginning at sunset on Friday and ending after sunset on Saturday. During this day, the expression “Shabbat shalom” is used as a greeting among Jews.

The Arabic version of shalom is salam and is commonly used, even in Israel.

The Hebrew letters that make up the word shalom are read from right to left.

– Shin: letter number 21 of the Hebrew alphabet, which means year, repetition and teaching.
– Lamed: letter number 12 of the Hebrew alphabet, which means to learn and teach.
– Vav: letter number 6 of the Hebrew alphabet, which means hook and is used as a connector.
– Mem: letter number 13 of the Hebrew alphabet, whose meaning is associated with the mother.

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How to keep Shabbat at home?

Click here to download the Shabbat guide. Don’t forget to print it before Shabbat.

Preparation: Clean your house in honor of Shabbat. Cook Sabbath meals before Shabbat. Arrange the Shabbat table with candles and candelabras, two whole challots placed on a tray, a cup and wine for Kiddush, and the best china you own. Shower and dress formally.

Light the candles: Take two candles and light them 18 minutes before sunset. Click here to see the corresponding schedule. Take time to close your eyes, ask and thank, and connect. Shabbat candles have proclaimed the sanctity of Shabbat in the Jewish home for thousands of years. Before lighting them, put money in the Tzedaka piggy bank.

Technology: Leave aside all types of technology. Connect with your family, with yourself and with your being.

Dinner: Starting at dusk, gather your family for Shabbat dinner. Recite Shalom Aleichem, welcoming the Angels who accompany us on Shabbat. Sing the Eishet Jail, a beautiful song composed by King Shlomo, dedicated to the Jewish woman and all the heroines of each generation. Fill the glass with wine and recite Kiddush, which means to sanctify, to separate and extract the best from the best, to distinguish the mediocre from the magnificent. Wash your hands by pouring water three times on each hand. Now is the time to wash your hands, to clean them from the weekly work.

Eat: Take the Challah and distribute a piece to each member. Now we make the dough rise and take the bread from earth to heaven. Bless, eat and uplift. Enjoy delicious Shabbat meals in abundance.

Take the opportunity and sing Shabbat melodies together. Then, at the end of the meal, let us thank God for the food and the opportunity he gives us. It is an opportunity to thank and recognize those who give us everything we have.

Now that you know how to do it, experiment with it every week.


On Shabbat it is prohibited to do any type of work, light a fire, cook, use electronic devices and travel long distances. Shabbat lasts from Friday night to Saturday night. Shabbat is celebrated by Jews as a day of rest and worship of God. Shabbat is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Exodus and in other passages. To keep Shabbat at home, Jews perform rituals such as lighting candles, blessing bread and wine, and participating in prayers and religious studies. “Shabbat shalom” is an expression that is said to wish a Shabbat of peace. Observant Jews make special preparations on Fridays, such as cooking and cleaning, in order to rest and celebrate Shabbat properly. Jesus talked about Shabbat in the Bible, teaching that it is a day for doing good and showing compassion, and not for following strict rules.

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