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Signs that you are being ‘breadcrumbed’: how to avoid falling into the trap

New technologies, social networks and dating platforms have changed the way we communicate and relate to other people. This has given rise to new flirting techniques, through the screen, that influence the way we fall in love and lead to potentially problematic situations in romantic relationships.

Especially toxic situations that are increasingly common in this new concept of romantic relationships and whose word refers to a kind of tendency to leave ’emotional crumbs’ or breadcrumbing.

One of these especially questionable strategies which consists of giving one of lime and another of sand in the relationship, and which is full of confusing signals, hooking and, above all, frustration.

What is the Breadcrumbing?

This Anglicism has gained prominence in the world of social networks and romantic relationships in recent years. A word that comes from breadcrumb and which literally means “breadcrumb”.

A way of defining a tactic that, unfortunately, more and more people use in romantic relationships and that has to do with the person doing it sending the minimum signals to their partner, so that they perceive that they are still there and remain hooked. to the relationship, but without ever wanting to really become fully involved or with a greater commitment in said relationship.

Emotional crumbs that make one hope that the relationship will one day reach more for the person who suffers from it, but that really only causes the frustration, attachment and pain to continue to increase.

A person who comes and goes from your life without specific reasons and who, although he never completely leaves, does not stay there either. This is a totally toxic maneuver with which one tries to escape from commitment or a serious relationship, but always maintaining that unhealthy attachment to the other person.

What is hidden behind?

Psychology experts believe that this type of behavior reveals the behavior and way of thinking of people. with low self-esteem, who try to feel constantly valued and desired through this type of behavior and that constant need to seduce others. An unhealthy way to grow your own ego and feeling of worth through that need that you constantly feed to feel desired and important by those around you.

But although it may seem that these people lack feelings, The reality is that they also have them and in fact they may also want to have a partner. The real obstacle to this is that the moment they observe that to build a relationship it is necessary to dedicate time and effort, they tend to get carried away by boredom and demotivation, to finally run away from commitment again and prefer not to bond only with a single person. person.

A decision to remain single that has nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that in this type of behavior called breadcrumbing one avoids having emotional responsibility towards others, prioritizing only one’s own benefit. Something not positive in any type of romantic relationship and that can end up deeply damaging to the other person.

How to deal with Breadcrumbing

Suffering from this phenomenon is not easy at all and unfortunately the reality is that more and more people suffer it firsthand through social networks. Be that as it may and if you think you may be experiencing breadcrumbingit is time for you to take into account the following guidelines to deal with it:

  • Accept and recognize that you are suffering: Although it is not always easy to open our eyes and be aware of the reality that exists in the relationship, it is important to know how to recognize that we are suffering from this situation and not justify the other person.

    This will be the first step towards your psychological well-being. Once recognized, assess whether this is really the type of relationship based on uncertainty that you want or just the opposite.

  • Talk about how you feel: Talking about feelings and how the other person’s behavior is making you feel is another vital step to make things clear and also to know what they want and what you want. Once you have talked about it, it will be time to assess whether what you want is to continue with that relationship or not.

  • Make your limits clear: If you finally decide to continue with the relationship, it is important that you are clear about the limits that you cannot cross and that you also transmit them to the other person. Make him understand that to continue with the relationship, those limits must never be crossed and make sure that the relationship is always based on respect and never on selfishness or contempt.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help: if you consider that you are suffering the consequences of breadcrumbing and that the situation is causing you too much pain and confusion, do not hesitate to talk about it with someone in your circle of friends and family or to ask for help from a professional psychologist.

    This way you will be able to discover the best ways to recover and fight for your emotional well-being and the necessary guidelines to face this situation.

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