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Singer Georgia Izquierdo (18 years old): “I told my mother: Mom, I want to be an artist!”

Most of the Song stars start at young ages by funfor a game or for imitating someone they see on the small screen. TO From there, you can try to discover your artistic gifts and motivate their development or not.

Qplowing a select few, obstinacy, hard work and a family that supports them unconditionally on the difficult and bumpy road towards professionalization, can lead them, at least, to try.

This is the case of Georgia Izquierdo, 18 years old. We are in the Sala Sol, where he offers one of his first solo concerts. We went to the sound check and met mother and daughter in the backstage.

Georgia in rehearsals in the Sala Sol.

Georgia tells MagasIN that With just a few years, it was already clear to me. “I was six or seven, and every time I traveled in the car with my parents, I played music and went crazy singing. It was what I liked most in the world. So, I asked my parents to take me to singing lessons. They accepted and until today.”

QUESTION: How did you tell your parents that you wanted to dedicate yourself to music?

ANSWER: Well I have to confess it. I told my mother just like that: Mom, I want to be an artist!

The truth is that nothing has ever seemed strange to them, and that has helped me a lot, because they know that it is a difficult world, but I think that seeing me happy doing this is what made them keep going.

Is Georgia your real name?

Yes, it’s my real name and now also my stage name. My mother worked for some time in a clothing store. At that time she was pregnant with me, but she had not yet decided on my name. One day a client arrived and when she handed her the card to pay, my mother saw her name, she loved it, and she decided on impulse, at that very moment, that I would call myself that.

The singer on stage with the rest of the musicians.

Despite her young age, barely older than most, the singer appears prepared and satisfied with her years of learning. “I have been training for seven years with singing classes in different schools, and with private voice teachers. For me it is the most important thing. At the end of the day it is about learning to maintain your musical instrument. And if I want to make a living from this, there is no other choice. I can’t mess up my voice, I have to know how to take care of it, how to warm up before a concert, how to reach certain notes, etc.,” says Izquierdo.

The truth is that, as in almost all areas of art, cinema or sport, behind a star, there are almost always devoted parents and siblings.

Her mother Yolanda García, founder of an aesthetic medical center, is wondering today if she will one day have to turn the key on the business to follow her daughter wherever she needs her.

“When I was little, I was always singing and day after day she told me: mom I want to be a singer, mom I want to be a singer… And we decided to support her to the fullest,” says Yolanda.

And he adds that: “I think that at this moment it is difficult to make a living from music, as everything is, since it has changed a lot… You always have to have a plan B in case that doesn’t work, although she is very clear about it.”

“It is a very demanding world and we are prepared for anything, I don’t know if something very big will come, but we are prepared. We always talk to Georgia so that she is mentally prepared and that she always has her feet on the ground, that she does not change and continues to be the same person…”, concludes the mother.

“I live with my parents. My brother became independent two years ago. He is 23 years old and he is also an artist, he is a makeup artist. Basically, he’s my creative director. He helps me a lot in all my projects,” says the singer.

Interview with Georgia and her mother

Three years ago, when she had just turned fifteen, the artist appeared on the program The voice Kids from Antenna 3. Georgia Izquierdo played Proud Mary of Tina Turner when three of the four coaches They turned at his obvious talent. Rosario Flores, David Bisbal and Vanesa Martin They praised his talent, his poise and his voice.

“I remember going through the program with great affection. It was great because it gave me a lot of visibility. Being seen on such important television is what it has. As soon as I left the program I started to have followers, followers and followers… I was wondering what was happening… The experience on the program is highly recommended,” she says.

The young singer even has his own fan’s club. “That’s right. When I released my first song, my first coverI’m talking about six years ago, a girl from Valencia founded it. I felt very famous at that moment,” she laughs.

Like every artist who begins, has touched the sky for a moment collaborating and sharing the stage with established artists, like the day he went up to the Wizink Center with Barei, with Ruth Lorenzo and Manel Navarroand also with Blas Cantó in Murcia, at a charity gala against bullying.

Georgia and her mother, Yolanda, in the lower part of the room, backstage.

QUESTION: What do you feel when you take the stage like today in the Sala Sol?

ANSWER: Well it’s great, I feel a lot of adrenaline and it’s like no one can stop me. If I’m up there, no one can say anything to me or criticize me because I’m somehow unattainable.

Who helps you with makeup and styling?

My brother Yulen has helped me since I was little. He is a makeup artist and is especially good at it. And also, Gema and Carmen, who are the girls on my wardrobe team, also help me a lot to make me look this beautiful and divine.

Is fashion important to you?

Yes, it is important what is said with the clothes, with the costumes, on the stage and at the same time with the voice and the songs, they have to be in total harmony.

How do you prepare before the concert?

Today, for example, at 3:00 p.m. I was already getting ready, doing my hair and makeup because I am very flirtatious and my entire team is dedicated to it. As for my voice, I usually warm up half an hour before, so I can be at my best when I go on stage. There are many hours in terms of putting the physical order in order and then the vocal warm-up.

How far would you like to go?

What I would really like is for people to feel things with my music. Obviously, being able to make a living from it, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about being famous, it’s just that people really feel my music, and that they like what I’m doing. I would also like to meet more people from this world. I think that at the end of the day it is the most important thing and it is what music has been giving me in recent months, meeting people who are dedicated to this and sharing the same thing.

What is this summer going to be like?

With a lot of work, although there will also be days of rest. I am now immersed in my new project, a three-song EP inspired by the painting The garden of delights of Hieronymus which is a triptych. Each part of the painting is a song. The first song is out Weapons and the second, It’s not the same with you, It comes out in mid-July. The third, if all goes well, will be out in September. I have work ahead of me, with composition sessions to be able to create it, also thinking about the theme of the video, etc.

Do you compose your songs?

Weapons Yes, I composed it, together with my producer Lágrima. The second one that is going to be released is the song that we presented at the Benidorm Fest last year and was composed by Barei and Rubén Villanueva. But the next one, I can say that I composed it, lyrics and music.

How would you define your music?

I would define it as versatile music. I think that really every day I come to the studio is a new day, and everything works out depending on how I feel. For example, in the first song you can see that there are many changes, there are many styles and it is because I feel in a different way and I like to reflect that in the songs. And on the other hand, I am very restless and I get bored of things very quickly, which is why I like to change, do different styles, modify the rhythm of the song at a given moment, things like that…

Are you approaching pop?

Weapons, for example, is part pop, part flamenco and part more experimental. But the next song, I can say that it will be something more commercial, something more style reggaeton with a lot of rhythm.

Who are your musical idols?

All the divas, like Lady Gaga or Beyoncé, who seem crazy to me. Since I was little I paid a lot of attention to them. And then people like Jessie J. or groups like Queen, Guns N’ Roses. I really have many references of different and very varied styles.

Who would you like to collaborate or share the stage with?

I would love to share the stage with Jennifer Hudson, I think both her voice and her style on stage are incredible. I pay attention to her a lot, as a reference for her. I think it would be the best to be able to share a stage with her one day.

you have dedicated yourself to music body and soul, do you think you have lost something along the way?

It is true that there are many young people that I could meet who distance themselves from me because they do not see it as normal. They see it a little strange, because at the end of the day a person who dedicates themselves to this has a different mentality. But then, this little world has also brought me other people who do understand me and who are dedicated to this.

Regarding the issue of going out and socializing, it is true that there are times I have to say no, because I have to work, because I have to compose and I think that I will go out another day. I know that this sacrifice is for something, because in the future it will be useful to me…

Are you still studying?

Yes, I am studying a Bachelor of Arts, combining it with what I like, which is singing.

Do you have a plan B in case the music fails?

I have to tell you no. I bet everything on music. I think that if you put effort and work into it, everything ends up working out.

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