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‘Skin Purge’: what is skin purging?

The largest organ in the body, the skin, never lies. Acne, allergies… they present themselves, in a way, as a wake-up call. Our external appearance can, in fact, reveal internal imbalances. However, many manifestations are not always synonymous with this. This is how we remember it with the so-called “skin purge.”

What is the Skin Purge?

“When we have clogged or congested skin, what usually happens is that pore blockages occur that can trigger acne processes that occur on or under the skin.

It is called Skin Purge o Purification of the skin process by which certain pimples can appear at the beginning of using a cosmetica phase in which, far from worrying, we should be happy, since this product is removing all the impurities from our skin in order to completely balance it.”

Therefore, “We say that retinoids purify the skin by working at the cellular level. They manage to unblock the poresallowing all the dirt and all the impurities or excess sebum that we have inside the pores to be released,” explains Elisabeth San Gregorio, director of education at Medik8.

What is its duration?

“When we start applying a retinol, we may notice that this purging appears, but it is a temporary phase that will end when the skin is free of impurities and with healthy pores,” adds Raquel González, cosmetologist and training director at the Perricone firm. M.D.

“Although it does not have a specific duration, the approximate time corresponds to what it takes to retinize our skin, approximately four weeks. If after that period we see that the possible outbreaks that we wanted to treat are not reduced and are increasing, we will have to consider other options. forms of retinoids or other treatments.

Furthermore, “let’s keep in mind that not all retinoids work in the same way. While a standard retinol can have a regenerating effect, a retinal will offer greater sebum-regulating and antibacterial capacity,” adds the Medik8 expert.

Three points to keep in mind

  1. Don’t be scared

“It is more than common for skin purging to appear, especially when what we are looking to treat with retinoids is not aging, but rather acne or blemishes, no matter how old we are. We can rest assured because it is something common and temporary,” says Elisabeth San Gregorio, technical director of Medik8.

  1. Don’t back down

“Once we start retinoids, the recommendation is to go through at least the skin retinization period, which lasts approximately four weeks. It is a reasonable time in which, except in extraordinary cases, we will see that the skin begins to balance and appear clearer” emphasizes Estefanía Nieto, director of education at Omorovicza.

  1. Edit the usual routine

“Let’s think that retinoids can irritate the skin a little at first. Let’s combine them with other soothing products: gentle cleansers, toners with niacinamide or CBD and with creams that restore the skin’s lipid barrier, with ceramides and omegas,” explains Raquel González, training director at Perricone MD and cosmetologist.

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