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Smile Design and Transparent Plates

Smile Design is a technique that uses procedures that help improve the aesthetics of teeth. The main ones are orthodontics, teeth whitening, resins, porcelain and partial or total restoration of teeth. In addition, there are other complementary treatments such as transparent plates.

What is Smile Design?

He Smile design It is any procedure that helps improve the aesthetics of the teeth. This includes dental processes such as Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Resins, porcelain and Partial or Total Restoration of Teeth, among other treatments, as long as they contribute to the aesthetic purpose.

It can also be a combination of several of these treatments. Among the main advantages of Smile design, it makes the teeth look more beautiful. In general, it provides a more pleasant smile, improving the patient’s self-esteem, as well as their quality of life.

How do you know what type of treatment the patient needs?

It always requires a Dentist’s initial assessment and have good advice from him. It is very important to keep in mind that it is a procedure that can remain in the patient’s mouth for life and different areas of Dentistry can be involved to achieve a optimal and comprehensive result. One of them are the Transparent Plates.

What are Transparent Plates?

It’s a treatment to align and improve the position of teethconsists of making a sequence of Transparent Plates tailored to each patient, helping to achieve the goal of aligning teeth. Corrects cases of crooked teeth of medium and low complexity, it is an alternative treatment or complementary to the Traditional orthodontics. The number of plates will depend on the initial position of the teeth, so it is very variable, and The duration of the treatment will depend on this number of plaques.

What advantages does it have over other types of treatments?

Transparent Plates provide comfort, ease of hygiene and maintenance. There is no inflammation in the gums and this can represent a great advantage over traditional Orthodontics. Patients may prefer this treatment according to the recommendations made by the Specialist on a case-by-case basis.