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Sofia Coppola brings back Priscilla Presley: romance, fame and overshadowed talent

The virgin suicides (1999), Lost in Translation (2003), Marie Antoinette (2006), The Bling Ring (2013). Four titles directed by the heir of one of the most important film directors of our time, and all of them starring women. The narrative universes of Sofia Coppola have managed to differentiate themselves (with a box-office success) from those of their father, and this year, the filmmaker once again expands them by covering the life of rock muse Priscilla Presley through the biopic format.

Priscilla beyond Elvis

Marriage to the king of rock catapulted Priscilla to fame and made her one of our most important cultural icons. He came to rub shoulders with the beatles, Their hairstyles and styles were imitated all over the world.and His face became common in legendary series such as dallas (1978-1991).

Photograph of Priscilla Presley at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Lee Bey


However, his was also a overshadowed life for that marriage that would end in 1973with a almost millionaire divorce that separated the couple sentimentally, but not from rumors and media interest.

Four years later, the sudden death of the artist (due to a narcotic overdose) deeply affected the actress, who left the screens to enter the world of fashion with the Bis & Beau boutique.

However, the unaffordable expenses of Elvis’ family home in Graceland forced Priscila to turn her mansion into a tourist attractionand little by little he was leading projects such as the presidency of the Elvis Presley Enterprise, the launch of its fragrance line in 1988 or the management of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer in 2000.

Priscilla Presley in Manchester.


The story of Priscilla Ann Beaulieu Wagner has captured the curiosity of fans and authors throughout the decades. Now, in tune with movements to empower women and restore their place in historySofia Coppola reviews the past full of chiaroscuros of who was the museand much more than that, about rock and our contemporary culture.

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