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StopCold: Malaga pharmacies are still out of stock of one of the main medications for allergy sufferers

Thursday, January 5, 2023, 10:19


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Mission Impossible. Malaga pharmacies continue in 2023 without being able to dispense one of the drugs most used by allergy sufferers: StopCold. As stated in its package insert, it is an anti-allergy agent that belongs to a class of compounds called antihistamines associated with a decongestant. It is used to treat nasal congestion and other symptoms associated with chronic or seasonal allergic rhinitis (such as nasal itching, itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose). However, those who need to take it must look for a plan B. And as this newspaper already published last October, this medicine does not reach the pharmacies in Malaga, nor does it reach the rest of Spain.

The laboratory that manufactures StopCold is reformulating the product and announced its intention to normalize its supply in about four months. To this day that time has not yet arrived. “The last one we sold was on May 26, 2022,” they explain from the Caffarena pharmacy, in the middle of Alameda Principal. The rest of the pharmacies consulted by SUR express themselves along the same lines, confirming that the drug is still out of stock. “What we do not understand is that many doctors continue to prescribe it even though it has been out of stock for so many months,” they complain from another Mayorazgo establishment.

StopCold, before the reformulation that is being carried out, had two components. One was pseudoephedrine 120 milligrams, which is a substance that gives a positive result in an anti-doping control. The other, cetirizine, which is an antihistamine that combats allergies. Because of pseudoephedrine, it must be sold with a prescription, the sources highlight, recalling that there are other allergy medications on the market that can be used as an alternative due to shortages.


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