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‘Submarining’: the painful technique that is increasingly common in Spain when you are looking for a partner

Emotional manipulation techniques and lack of empathy They can be a reality that you come across when looking for a partner. If a person has suffered abandonment or absence of emotional attachment In the future this may lead to manipulate people with whom you begin to have a connection or even to get away from her without any explanation. And even more so in a field of communication as fast and unpredictable as that of applications, which is constantly booming.

According to a survey conducted by Appinio, the global market research platform, and Spark Networks, “21% of respondents use mobile and web dating applications to find a partner and, Tinder (47%), Badoo (36%) and Meetic (11%) are the applications that Spaniards usually use to achieve this.”

The dating world is becoming broader and more complex and phenomena such as he catfisihinghe ghosting or the lovebombing, more common than it seems, They make it difficult to fully trust the person with whom you begin to form a relationship.

It is common for a person who has had ghosting withdraw from new people they meet, which, in turn, can cause those people to distance themselves from other potential partners because of their previous experience. It’s a vicious circleencouraged by thoughts like “For them to do it to me again, I’d better do it“.

He ghostingof the english word ghost (ghost) It is the phenomenon in which the person you are dating or starting a relationship with decides to leave without saying anything. And the diving?

What is the diving?

This phenomenon also lies in English and comes from submarine (submarine). It consists of a person disappearing from your life without prior notice and, out of nowhere, reappearing without warning. These actions are reminiscent of a submarine, which submerges into the waters and resurfaces when you least expect it.

The main difference with ghosting and the diving is that in the first the person disappears forever, while in the second they return to your life as if they had never left and try to pick up the relationship from the point where they left it.

In case you ask for the reason he left in the first placeyou can come up with a wide variety of excuses, although most likely I never admitted that I knew I was hurting you with that.

The problem of diving is that yes you leave that person in your life again Every time you decide to walk away without saying anything, it can lead to a strong emotional dependence.

Once you have left and come back, You will want him not to leave again, so you are likely to develop toxic behaviors such as hypervigilance or spending a lot of time with that person, as long as they don’t do it. It is best to nip the problem in the bud and leave the person in the first place. If not, that relationship can become an addiction that will be very difficult to escape.

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