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Suede shoes: small guide to show them off like the first day

Suede is a leather fabric with a soft and velvety appearance that is used to make shoes and some clothing items. It is a material of delicate nature, so it tends to deteriorate easily. In addition, its velvety attribute means that it tends to absorb substances and other residues that create damage to the garment.

Sun exposure, for example, contributes to its premature wear, since it contributes to the discoloration of the material. On the other hand, due to the porous nature of the material, Rain is another factor that can cause damage to the shoe.. The accumulation of water removes the natural oil from the material, which hardens and darkens the shoe.

For all this, it is essential to treat suede footwear with special caution and resort to specific cleaning and maintenance care, always using products that are respectful of this fabric.

What products are needed?

There are many products on the market designed to clean suede shoes that are divided depending on the type of footwear they are intended for and the type of cleaning that the shoes require, whether it is a superficial cleaning or a more in-depth one.

The most important are the specific brush for suede shoes, which is characterized by having hard bristles to ensure the cleaning of the shoe; a stain remover rubber specific; and a protective spray to ensure the maintenance of the footwear and avoid, as far as possible, future damage.

It is essential to keep in mind that the tools used to clean and care for garments made of suede fabric should not be moisturizing or, at least, should not be excessively moisturizing. This is due to the porous nature of the skin, which makes it tend to absorb substances.

Cleaning and maintenance of suede shoes

The process will depend on whether we are dealing with a localized stain or simply looking to improve the appearance of the shoe because it has darkened or deteriorated over time, exposure to the sun, rain and other external agents.

General cleaning

For a general cleaning, we will simply need to spray the shoe with cleaning spray and brush its surface gently. It is important to rub gently, because doing it too roughly can cause damage and achieve the opposite effect to that expected.

The specific steps to follow are:

  1. Brush to remove impurities: Always using a suitable brush for each occasion and trying to cover the entire surface of the footwear.

  2. Use the rubber: In the event that you need to remove a slight stain or scuff, or even if the brush is not managing to remove all the residue as expected, we must use a specific stain remover eraser. This type of tool is used like an eraser on the area to be treated and is usually found in leather stores and specialized shoe stores. It is important to keep in mind that the rubber must be a neutral color to avoid unwanted coloring on the shoe.

  3. Protective: To ensure its maintenance, we must use a specific protective product for suede fabric. It is for sale both in aerosol and in other formats. This will reduce the skin’s tendency to absorb liquids, especially if we use a waterproofer. It is advisable to spray shoes with a protector every time they are used to prevent wear and tear.

Deep cleaning

If we deal with serious stains, the procedure will depend on each case. If the aforementioned methods have not worked, it will be necessary to use a more powerful suede stain remover, although we must look for one with a non-aggressive formula so that it is respectful of the fabric.

There are some cases in which special care is required, such as with fat. Oil and other types of fatty liquids are difficult to remove. Therefore, it is essential to act quickly. One way to proceed that has effective results is to use talcum powder. They should simply be applied to the stain and then rub with the brush until no trace of it remains.

If we have not acted quickly and the stain has dried, we will need to use specific cleaners for this type of accumulated residue. Something similar happens with the wine stainsalthough with these it is recommended to moisten the shoe beforehand.

If you follow all these tricks and are consistent in caring for your suede shoes, you will always be able to show them off like the first day.

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