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Ten infusions to combat cellulite naturally and effectively

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Experts say that between 85% and 98% of women from adolescence and older have orange peel skin to a greater or lesser degree, which can be combated with these infusions against cellulite. It is not a health problem but it is an aesthetic issue that makes us crazy.

Everyone recommends a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and lots of exercise to get rid of the so-called orange peel skin andInfusions can play a key role to reduce cellulite levels in legs and abdomen.

We must take advantage of the diuretic and laxative properties of these drinks, which will also provide hydration to our body, as an extra help to eliminate accumulated toxins and destroy fat deposits.

1. Dandelion infusion

The dandelion should become in one of our best allies in the fight against cellulite. It is a powerful detoxifier that effectively helps in the elimination of these toxins thanks to its stimulation of the activity of the liver and our kidneys.

In addition, it contains many vitamins (A, B, C and D) and caffeine, all very diuretic elements. Precisely due to the presence of caffeine in the infusion, it is not highly recommended to drink more than two cups a day.

2. Nettle infusion

Nettle is one of those foods that appears in any diet or detox plan for its powerful properties, so it is another help in the fight against cellulite. The recommendation, in this case, is two infusions a day (morning and night) to, in addition to eliminating toxins, lose weight in a healthy way. It can be combined with other foods such as pomegranate and green tea.

3. Lemon infusion

The lemon is a important fat burner and another of those fixed in the detox plans. This infusion can be prepared at home and there is even a version with strawberries that can be a good option for those who do not tolerate acidic tastes well.

The first thing is squeeze the juice of two lemons into a liter of water, cut the peel and also add it to the liquid. Put it to boil. When it has been on the heat for a while (about 20 minutes will be enough), turn it off and let it cool. It is a drink that we can use throughout the day.

If we choose to use strawberries that are also very antioxidant and regenerating, we must boil a liter of water and add the clean peel of a lemon and ten strawberries. About 20 minutes later, remove it from the heat, remove the lemon peel and blend to take advantage of all the strawberries. It can be taken warm or cold.

4. Red fruit infusion

Red fruits, such as strawberries, are also an antioxidant food but, in addition, They have very important diuretic properties. In this way, its infusions help decisively to eliminate toxins in the blood and eliminate the fat deposits that form cellulite.

5. Grapefruit and green tea infusion

This infusion can be prepared at home if we have grapefruit and green tea. It is a combination that helps, also during diets, since it accelerates metabolism and reduces fluid retention, two key factors against cellulite.

The recommendation is to take one every day and it can be prepared by pouring the grapefruit juice into the prepared green tea. If the flavor is too acidic for us, we can add a little honey.

6. Centella asiatica infusion

centella asiatica It has properties similar to horsetail, so we should not use it with other diuretic foods. at least in infusion. It can be made like any drink by boiling its leaves in a saucepan.

However, You can also take advantage of its benefits with centella oil Asian to massage areas where there is cellulite, always in ascending circles, trying to break down fat deposits.

7. Ivy infusion

In this case You can also use the infusion to soak cloth compresses and apply them to the areas where we have cellulite before going to bed. You can repeat this process at least four times a week for a month to see the effects. Then you have to let the skin rest for a few days before starting the treatment again.

8. Noni Tea

The leaves of this tree They help reduce cellulite thanks to all the medicinal properties attributed to it.. Noni, whose scientific name is Morinda citrifolia, is widely used in both Asian countries and the American continent.

9. Meadowsweet or meadowsweet tea

It is one of the most used plants in the fight against cellulite or orange peel peel due to its properties when it comes to eliminating toxins and helping our body release accumulated waste. It is a powerful ally in the drainage of liquids and is very purifying. The recommendation is one infusion per day.

10. Ginko biloba tea

It is an infusion widely used to reduce orange peel skin since, according to the latest studies, Ginkgo biloba tea has vasodilating properties and stimulates circulation. It also has a very powerful antioxidant effect and prevents the formation and deposition of fat, exactly what we are looking for when we try to eliminate cellulite.

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