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Ten models of glasses with XL screen to wear this fall

The Sunglasses They are that timeless accessory that comes back reinventing itself season after season. This autumn The main trend is occupied by models with XL screen.

To protect ourselves from the sun (which is deceiving in autumn/winter!), hide from the world or hide dark circles, any excuse is good to add some giant sunglasses to our collection.

And they provide a great advantage. Keep in mind that when you are going to get this accessory, the first thing is to keep in mind the silhouettes and styles that best adapt to the shape of your face. Although a safe option is to go for the most iconic designs that do not go out of style.

But, if you want guaranteed success, get some XL glasses, it is very difficult not to find a model that fits you well!

This season you will succeed if you opt for futuristic, geometric designs and especially if you opt for designs cat-eyes. This is a classic that will make you feel like a celebrity of Old Hollywood.

If you still don’t have some, we suggest these 10 models of sunglasses with XL screen to wear this fall and for all budgets!:

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    Gucci butterfly effect (219.95 euros)

    With their sumptuous butterfly-shaped design, the elegant Gucci GG 0022S 001 sunglasses add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the look of whoever wears them.

    The lenses are gradient tinted in gray, the hinges and logo in gold, as well as the high quality e frame with a black finish.

  • 2 out of 10

    ‘Infinity Carey’ by D. Franklin (39.99 euros)

    The Infinity collection has its own definition. A model of rectangular sunglasses that stands out for the infinite details of its frame and upper frame. The most popular Carey finish is seen in the Infinity Carey / Gradient Brown, a model that, together with its gradient lenses in brown tones, manages to highlight the most unique style of each outfit.

  • 3 out of 10

    Burberry’s ‘cat-eye’ (179.95 euros)

    Luxury brand Burberry is much more than its famous check print. The innovative designs of their frames rescue fashion classics with a unique charm.

    Soft lines and subtle colors come together to create an image of graceful elegance. His models are always characterized by a sober elegance with high demands for quality and design.

    The TAMSIN BE 4366 39808G model is available in both black and brown/havana body, and the glass in gray or brown.

  • 4 out of 10

    ‘Hurricane black full’ by D-Franklin (49.99 euros)

    Feel the aerodynamics and enjoy the road with the new Hurricane collection. A line of glasses training with sporty designs inspired by speed and adventure. In this case, matte black takes center stage on its front frame and temples, along with compact translucent black lenses.

    They have been designed to facilitate air movement and offer optimal ventilation. In addition, these glasses have silicone pads on the nose bridge and temples, which ensure unprecedented adhesion, increasing support despite sweat. In addition, the ultra-light TR90 material provides resistance and comfort for all day.

  • 5 out of 10

    Guess butterflies (124.95 euros)

    a halo vintage and retro is the common thread that we find in all Guess collections. With their wide variety of shapes and colors and timeless designs, the brand’s different models of glasses are the living image of success and sensuality.

    The GU 7853 01B proposal has a frame that mixes paste and metal available in gold and black or white. The crystals, in addition, are a gray gradient in both cases.

  • 6 out of 10

    The classic Vogue (68.45 euros)

    The VOGUE 2871 1508/13 sunglasses are one of the brand’s most recognized models. This model for women, which follows the style of the most classic glasses, has a brown frame color and brown lenses.

    The type of lenses of the VOGUE-2871/S can be adjusted to the needs of each client. The VOGUE 2871 1508/13 have a size of 56 caliber, and rods with a size of 135.

  • 7 out of 10

    ‘Dunar black’ by D. Franklin (39.99 euros)

    Sunglasses with oversized frames and a trendy design this season. This is the Dunar black model. A daring and transgressive design that combines with the different textures and effects of its characteristic square frame. Now with improvements such as a TR90 front that provides resistance and flexibility and temples with curved ends for a better fit.

  • 8 out of 10

    Polaroid round (45.75 euros)

    The POLAROID PLD 6098 086 LA sunglasses are one of the brand’s most iconic models and belong to the style of round glasses.

    They have a havana frame and brown lenses. The lenses are polarized and gradient.

  • 9 out of 10

    Saint Laurent ‘cat-eye’ model (314.95 euros)

    Luxury, elegance and the color black: the fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent has always been one of the most recognized fashion brands in haute couture. Saint Laurent’s creations are characterized by their innovative and powerful designs, which radiate a casual elegance and blur the boundaries of gender.

    Proposal SL M3 002 includes these model glasses cat-eye Made with black paste and gray glass.

  • 10 out of 10

    Square Dolce&Gabbana (144.55 euros)

    The brand, whose essence is associated with contrasting elements, with an unmistakable style, combines innovation with a Mediterranean touch.

    The exclusive brand proposes this square model with gray and gradient lenses with a large black frame with the gold logo.