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Ten tricks to hide your tired face

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when we suffer tiredness or stress, Blood flow slows down and this causes a lack of nutrients in the skin. Hydration levels also decrease and sagging and lack of luminosity occur.

Some tricks that we all know include sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day and drinking between 1 and 2 liters of water. But sometimes they don’t work. It doesn’t matter if you’ve slept enough and drank plenty of water, the fatigue won’t go away from your face.

Here are ten tricks to escape these situations:

Refresh your face with cold water

He cold water improves circulation, purifies the skin and makes it oxygenate better. Additionally, it activates the production of elastin and collagen. This results in skin regeneration and making it look smoother, firmer and more toned.

Moisturizes the skin

Hydration of facial skin It strengthens it and makes it more resistant to imperfections. Moisturizing the face we combat fluid retention which accumulates on the eyelids, prevents the appearance of blemishes and restores the skin’s natural glow.

When applying moisturizing cream we will notice how the skin is tightened and regains luminosityIn addition, this gesture will help set the makeup.

The spoon trick

A simple way to revitalize the face, reducing eye puffiness, is with the cold spoon technique.

If you leave a metal spoon in the freezer overnight, in the morning you just have to Carefully press the spoon on the swollen area for 40 seconds.

Apply makeup with a light foundation

A light makeup base provides juiciness and it can be equal to or more covering than a dense base.

If you have mature skin, go for a fluid formula with a touch glow because matte foundations accentuate wrinkles more.

Cover your dark circles

A very practical and common trick is to use a concealer to cover dark circles and imperfections.

A concealer can be miraculous and camouflage dark circles, bags and imperfections very effectively, although if you do not apply it well you can achieve the opposite effect.

Try to choose the right shade (one or two less than your skin tone) and apply it in the right amount so that it doesn’t turn against you.

Illuminate your face

Light is one of the elements that we usually do not take into account when doing makeup. Thanks to the illuminator it is possible bring light to the area of ​​the face that needs it most. Applying it to the upper area of ​​the cheekbone provides tension and youth.

Defines the eyebrows

Just as happens with hair, eyebrows lose density and become bald as time goes by. This accentuates the tiredness in the eyes and gives a feeling of lethargy.

If you define them and fill in the gaps you quickly end that feeling. Now, avoid very dark tones and very thin eyebrows.

Give yourself a touch of color

Blush is an infallible trick to provide a touch of freshness and innocence to the face.

If you want to enhance the rejuvenating effect, apply a blush pink or coral, It is more natural and provides juiciness.

put on some gloss

Dark and powerful tones age as they harden features and mark wrinkles in the area. However, the more natural tones with shine They provide a fresher and younger air.

make a high ponytail

In addition to being a simple hairstyle, it has a effect lifting which is capable of instantly rejuvenating, which also fills the face with vitality.

You no longer have an excuse to look tired!

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