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Teresa Palazuelo dies, but stays

The designer, who has dressed the wedding dresses of many of the most elegant Spanish women, leaves with the same calm with which she lived her entire life.

Teresa Palazuelo has been, is and will be the personification of elegance. Therefore, her creations were only an extension of her personality. A two-way conversation with her was like hers dressed as her: comfortable, light but with weight, soft and intense and above all, real.

Real is a word that, with its polysemy, helps us describe their wedding dresses. Those who chose Teresa to marry knew that they were assured of distinction. I remember Teresa being so happy at Juan Abarca and Mar Martínez’s wedding, seeing us all wearing her dresses. Mar, his daughters, her mother-in-law, all of them. I think it has been one of the parades that has been enjoyed the most in recent times.

There will be those who speak with more knowledge than me these days about her collections and her jewel dresses. Me, I would like to leave this story open to his family and friends as a tribute.. Thus, the paragraphs that you write in the comments with anecdotes about her, your farewell or your admiration, will be added to this text, which she writes while her friend, whom she loved and helped so much, wipes her eyes.

Her GENEROSITY, Teresa’s generosity should always be written in capital letters. She joined any project she started. I remember her being very excited, designing my dress for the victims of trafficking to sew when we did the benefit gala for APRAMP at the Teatro Real. She and Miriam Ungría became our allies with design.

Miriam Ungria, Cruz Sánchez de Lara and Teresa Palazuelo at the charity gala for APRAMP

When we started the project to build a center for girls in conflict with the law in Kenya, Teresa went all in. She helped us on THRibune for everything we asked. Therefore, when the center opens, I would love to put up a small plaque with Teresa’s name. Surely her generous soul spreads its wings over those girls who will be training as seamstresses and dressmakers.

Teresa was pure light, but a very fun light.. Those of us who have been to parties at his house know that she enjoyed the mix of people who met there and were united for life by the spirit of the Triay Palazuelo. That house to which prejudices had forbidden access was the abode of intellectuality and happiness. What a great hostess.

That was Teresa, wonderful, divine, enthusiastic and close. But it had that physical air of distance that is like a halo that differentiates those who levitate from those who walk. How nice it was to see her appear anywhere with her simplicity and her smile, her eternal smile.

He left the smile in life to his daughter India, who has inherited that levitation and smile from her mother. It’s not a bad inheritance. Teresa was a perfect tandem with her loved one, Ian, and they immediately added two more places for her children, to build that beautiful family.

The family. That which she liked so much. Her niece Sofia’s dress made her enjoy it very much. She became Duchess of Huéscar with a dress that made her aunt proud for two reasons: for the creation and for the model. Teresa loved everything that had to do with her family and she adorned the stories with chantilly, brocades and the most diverse oriental silks.

Teresa’s soul remains with us. She stays between us. We have loved her, we love her and we will love her. Therefore, these words of mine are only the beginning of this story, which I want you to continue writing with your contributions.

My friend, dear Teresa: you stay with me, you stay with us.

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From APRAMP we deeply regret the death of Teresa Palazuelo, a reference in Spanish wedding dress fashion, and with whom we had the honor of sharing time at the Charity Gala in favor of Apramp organized by THRibune, Tribune for Human Rights in 2019. Teresa was a close and generous woman, a reference in our training center in the textile field. Thank you so much friend 💜

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