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The 10 most popular women’s names of each decade in Spain

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Fashions are not something that is limited only to clothing or makeup. The proper names that families choose in Spain for their newborns also vary depending on the trends of the moment. Thus, the list of names that are among the most used also tell us about the socio-cultural moment of the country.

During the dictatorship, compound names that included “Maria” were the most popular, staying at the top of the ranking the name María Carmen. With the arrival of democracy, the most common names changed radically and simple names occupied the top positions, which began to vary in the last decade.

Below, we present the most common female names in people born in each decade, according to the INE. Is yours among the most popular?


During the 1930s, simple names reigned, although one of the most popular compound names appears that has remained on the list for several decades, María Carmen. It is the time in which the actress is born Pilar Bardem (1939-2021), who receives the ninth most frequent name.

  1. Maria
  2. Carmen
  3. Josefa
  4. Dolores
  5. Maria Carmen
  6. Francisca
  7. Antonia
  8. Isabel
  9. Pillar
  10. Conception


There is hardly any variation with respect to the previous decade, although Pilar and Concepción leave the top 10 and two new compound names enter. One of them is that of María Teresa. It is precisely in this decade that the journalist and prestigious presenter was born. Maria Teresa Campos (1941).

  1. Maria Carmen
  2. Carmen
  3. Maria
  4. Josefa
  5. Dolores
  6. Francisca
  7. Isabel
  8. Antonia
  9. Maria Pilar
  10. Maria Teresa


The trend of adding a second name to María continues, but simple names do not disappear, which occupy half of the ranking. The aristocrat Carmen Martínez-Bordiú (1951) was born in this decade and received the second most popular name of the decade.

  1. Maria Carmen
  2. Carmen
  3. Josefa
  4. Maria Dolores
  5. Maria
  6. Maria Pilar
  7. Maria Teresa
  8. Isabel
  9. Mary Angels
  10. Francisca


It is the decade of the Marys par excellence. 9 of the 10 most common female names include the name Mary, with the exception of Elizabeth which is in 10th place. This is precisely the name given to the film director Isabel Coixet (1960).

  1. Maria Carmen
  2. Ana Maria
  3. Maria Pilar
  4. Maria Dolores
  5. Maria Jose
  6. Maria Teresa
  7. Mary Angels
  8. Maria Isabel
  9. Rosa Maria
  10. Isabel


The change begins and four names resist in the classification that include María and other simple names that had not yet entered the list of the most used begin to appear. In 1974 the singer was born Monica Naranjowho is given the fourth most common name of the decade.

  1. Maria Carmen
  2. Maria Jose
  3. Ana Maria
  4. Monica
  5. Christina
  6. Raquel
  7. Sonya
  8. Suzanne
  9. Yolanda
  10. Maria Isabel


The situation completely changes and they barely survive on the list with María la formula simple and María Carmen. New simple names enter the classification that sneak into the most used ones. The second most popular name is precisely the one given to the presenter, actress and model. Cristina Pedroche (1988).

  1. Laura
  2. Christina
  3. Maria
  4. Martha
  5. Patricia
  6. Maria Carmen
  7. Raquel
  8. Beatriz
  9. Veronica
  10. Sarah


From this moment on, simple names are maintained in the ranking of the most frequent women’s names. Andrea is one of them, in fact, it is the sixth, and it is the name of the actress and model Andrea Duro (1991).

  1. Maria
  2. Laura
  3. Christina
  4. Martha
  5. Sarah
  6. Andrea
  7. Ana
  8. Paula
  9. Sunrise
  10. Sandra

The 2000s

The list hardly changes, while the order of the names does change. In the classification we find the name of the young actress from Skam Alba Planas (2000).

  1. Maria
  2. Lucy
  3. Paula
  4. Laura
  5. Martha
  6. Sunrise
  7. Sarah
  8. Andrea
  9. Claudia
  10. Carla


The tendency to give simple names continues, but some new ones like Martina or Sofía enter the list. In 2016, actress Carolina Bang and film director Álex de la Iglesia bring the world Juliawho is given the eighth most frequent name of the decade.

  1. Lucy
  2. Maria
  3. Paula
  4. Martina
  5. Sofia
  6. Daniela
  7. Sarah
  8. Julia
  9. Carla
  10. Sunrise

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