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The 10 signs that will help you know if your child is gifted

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Children learn at their own pace and this is something that all parents know. But, we often have doubts about our children’s intellectual abilities. Either because they have a great memory, because in school they excel in almost everything that requires study or because they spend the day asking things and questioning concepts.

If, as a parent, you can see these details in your child and want to know if he or she is gifted, in this post we show you 10 signs that will give you the answer.

Intelligent and gifted children

Before seeing what signs can indicate that our child is gifted, we must mention that there is a difference between a gifted child and an intelligent child.

Smart children are those who are curious for everything and they spend the day asking why things happen. They are children who have a need to know how the world works and everything around them.

Gifted children, on the other hand, are children with high abilities that exceed what is considered normal development. They always have a lot of questions and quickly memorize everything we tell them. In addition, they are children who have a great ability to solve problems. At the same time, Gifted children are also very sensitive and very perfectionist..

Is your child gifted? Watch these 10 signs

Knowing what these children are like and what characterizes them will help us resolve the question of whether you are dealing with a gifted child or not. These are the signs that you should take into account to clear up doubts:

  1. Assimilate all the concepts quickly: Children have a hard time understanding some concepts and, therefore, parents must use techniques to help them internalize them. However, gifted children do not need a routine to internalize concepts. They understand them immediately and include them in their daily lives from the first moment.
  2. You never forget anything: if the child shows a great memory and has no difficulty remembering what happened days, months or even years ago. They never forget what they have learned or what they have been told. His memory is exceptional.
  3. They learn very quickly: Related to concepts, gifted children tend to learn very quickly. It is enough to explain something to them once for it to stick in their minds. They are children who are continually looking for stimuli.
  4. Boredom at school: Although it may not seem like it at first glance, a gifted child is very bored in class. The truth is that concepts are repeated in schools so that children can learn properly. For gifted children this is a problem. They do not have this need, so the second time you explain the same thing to them they will get bored. If this ability is not quickly detected in the child, parents may have complaints about their behavior in class.
  5. Fluent language and express themselves like adults at a very young age: Gifted children are characterized by starting to speak much earlier than other children. Furthermore, even though they are small, we can see that they use a very precise and detailed vocabulary.
  6. A lot of interest, but on specific topics: Children usually show interest in everything around them. However, gifted children also tend to be interested in very specific topics. In this case, it is when we clearly see that they absorb information quickly and always want to know more, but there is something that catches their attention much more.
  7. They defend justice at all costs: The truth is that gifted children stick with norms and rules a lot. Much more than the other children. That is why, when they see something that does not fit, they will immediately let the teacher or parents know, hoping that they will give justice.
  8. They are very perfectionists: Gifted children are very perfectionist children and want everything to turn out well for them. They want everything they do to be perfect and that there are no edges to polish. They usually spend hours on their work and, if they don’t like the result, they won’t hesitate for a single moment to start it again.
  9. Sensitivity: Gifted children are very sensitive children, so they usually have some problems when they realize that something is not right. In some cases, it is difficult for them to have good relationships with other children, because as soon as they are told “they take everything to heart.”
  10. They reason like adults at an early age: How many times have we heard a child speak and been amazed by his reasoning? This is the case of children with high abilities. His ability to reason leaves most adults in awe. This aspect is closely linked to the aspect of vocabulary and oral expression. They are children who reason very well and, at the same time, have a great capacity to express their ideas.

Both within the family and at school, gifted children immediately stand out. Even from the first months of life we ​​can sense this high capacity. If our baby starts talking too soon And it is an early sign to take into account.

Now that you know what signs you should observe in your child to know if he or she is gifted, we encourage you to do so. Keep in mind that these children need a different and personalized education, as well as different attention. The sooner you detect it and contact the school professionals, the better your child’s development will be. You will receive everything you need to enhance your capabilities.

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